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Thoughts of a Bookworm #3: The YA Genre

 Genuinely I have never felt so passionate about a book topic. I think this genre has been the pinnacle of my time as a reader from the beginning, all the way up till now. It affects the way I think and observe the world.  So, why do I want to talk about YA and what can be gained from this rant? Well, I think it is due to capitalism. What happened to quality over quantity? Now, I ask you this question, when was the last time you read a YA novel that not only stuck out to you but also was a hot topic of conversation? I don't think these conversations have existed in any sense for the last five years. YA has simply been absorbed into a never-ending library with more vivid and interesting genres that take our fancy.  It just doesn't exist. It is dead, but somehow we are making out that it still lives. Like a conspiracy to one of the most conversed topics of whether it died in the first place. But we all know, deep down, the golden age is gone and what comes after? Publishing reall
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XOXO by Axie Oh

  SYNOPSIS Cello prodigy Jenny has one goal: to get into a prestigious music conservatory. When she meets mysterious, handsome Jaewoo in her uncle's Los Angeles karaoke bar, it's clear he's the kind of boy who would uproot her careful plans. But in a moment of spontaneity, she allows him to pull her out of her comfort zone for one unforgettable night of adventure... before he disappears without a word. Three months later, when Jenny and her mother arrive in South Korea to take care of her ailing grandmother, she's shocked to discover that Jaewoo is a student at the same elite arts academy where she's enrolled for the semester. And he's not just any student. He's a member of one of the biggest K-pop bands in the world- and he's strictly forbidden from dating. When a relationship means throwing Jenny's life off the path she's spent years mapping out, she'll have to decide once and for all just how much she's willing to risk for love.

How To Save A Life by Eva Carter

  SYNOPSIS Sometimes saving a life is only the start of the story... It's nearly midnight on the eve of the millennium when eighteen-year-old Joel's heart stops. A school friend, Kerry, performs CPR for almost twenty exhausting minutes, ultimately saving Joel's life, while her best friend Tim freezes, unable to help. That moment of life and death changes the course of all three lives over the next two decades: each time Kerry, Joel and Tim believe they've found love, discovered their vocation, or simply moved on, their lives collide again. ...Because bravery isn't just about life or death decisions; it's also about how to keep on living afterwards.

Blog Tour: The Wishing Tree Beside The Shore by Jaimie Admans

  SYNOPSIS Fifteen years ago, Felicity Kerr threw caution to the wind and kissed her colleague Ryan Sullivan under the ancient wishing tree along the coast. When Ryan failed to respond to her kiss, Felicity was mortified that she'd read his signals so horrendously wrong and left Lemmon Cove for good. But now Felicity's job brings her back to her hometown, and face to face with Ryan, who is leading a bad of octogenarians rallying to save their beloved 300-year-old sycamore from being bulldozed by property developers. The spark with Ryan is still there, but Felicity is guarding a secret and as much as she wants to join the protest by his side, she can't help but hold back. Will Felicity be able to mend her broken heart and find happiness with Ryan beside the sea?

Blog Tour: The Legacy of Old Gran Parks by Isobel Blackthorn

  SYNOPSIS Southern Australia, 1983. While Middle-aged stalwart Miriam rolls into town in her broken-down car, Frankie - a deer hunter - is up in the forested hinterland with her gun. Meanwhile, fisherwoman Old Pearl sits on her front deck with her dog, a glass of whisky in her hand, and Emily, the English backpacker, scrubs out the pie-encrusted kitchen at the roadhouse. But all is not well. Gran Parks is stirring. Four troubled women. One restless spirit. Who will survive?

Thoughts of a Bookworm #2: I am a book addict

Throughout my reading life, there has always been something that has made me happy beyond measure. It's the feeling which I get from buying and collecting and placing new books on my shelf. It is even that great excitement when I have gone into my favourite bookshop and be able to walk around to buying that book that I've been eying up after half an hour browsing. But then the pandemic happened and my reading habits changed for the worst.  At first, when the lockdown was first announced, everything was fine. I still had my last year studies at university, which were coming to a close and I had my sister with me. So, I would say I was pretty lucky compared to some of the other people that were facing the same problem of the pandemic. It is only when I finished my degree and began looking for a new job it seems my life took a little spiral and I have only come to realise this in the last few months. Then the book requests started to enter my inbox. The inbox that I haven't lo

History of Present Complaint by H.L.R

SYNOPSIS After a traumatic psychotic episode, a nameless young woman recounts past psychiatric crises in an attempt to make sense of her present and fight for her future. A genre-defying debut collection of prosetry, History of Present Complaint reveals the devastating reality of living with chronic mental illness. HLR writes of the human experience in her distinctive style: knock-out blows of blistering truths are tempered with shots of sardonic British humour, and the lines between fact and fiction, safety and danger, sanity and insanity are blurred beyond recognition through her bold poetry and sharp prose. History of Present Complaint is a damning depiction of under-funded mental health services and serves a vital role in giving a voice to the voiceless, shining a light on the darkest corners of the human condition and forcing the reader to see what has been there all along.

Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline

  SYNOPSIS Days after winning OASIS founder James Halliday's contest, Wade Watts makes a discovery that changes everything. Hidden within Halliday's vaults, waiting for his heir to find it, lies a technological advancement that will once again change the world and make the OASIS a thousand times more wondrous - and addictive - than even Wade dreamed possible. With it comes a new riddle, and a new quest: a last Easter egg from Halliday, hinting at a mysterious prize. And an unexpected, impossibly powerful, and dangerous new rival awaits, one who'll kill millions to get what he wants. Wade's life and the future of the OASIS are again at stake, but this time the fate of humanity also hangs in the balance.

Blog Tour: The Lore of Prometheus by Graham Austin-King

  SYNOPSIS John Carver has three rules: Don't drink in the daytime, don't gamble when the luck has gone, and don't talk to the dead people who come to visit. It has been almost five years since the incident in Kabul. Since the magic stirred within him and the stories began. Fleeing the army, running from the whispers, the guilt, and the fear he was losing his mind, Carver fell into addiction, dragging himself through life one day at a time. Desperation has pulled him back to Afganistan, back to the heat, the dust, and the truth he worked so hard to avoid. But there are others, obsessed with power and forbidden magics, who will stop at nothing to learn the truth of his gifts. Abducted and chained, Carver must break more than his own rules if he is to harness this power and survive.