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Review Policy

Sometimes I have people requesting for me to review a book. I am always very welcome to do this as I feel privileged to be picked out of many other bloggers.

Usually the time it takes to read to making the review itself depends on how big the book is and what commitments I have at that period of time. So when it does take a little longer, don't get at me! I will usually have a valid reason why.

During this moment in time, I only accept book PDF. In the near future I am hoping to go into different formats - but not at the moment! So when I am able to do this I will let you all know, because it is important to me!

Another point that is fundamental is that you must provide a free Book PDF. If you send me a link to Amazon, Lulu saying that I have to pay before reviewing, I will not post it on my blog. This is because I am offering you free promotion, which I could instead be reading something I have been wanting to read in a long time or in fact using my time for something different. Therefore if you do not abide by this rules, I will ignore you.

I have also become strict on what type of books will be reviewed. All of the emails are read and then assessed on a criteria set by me, so I am able to provide what is best for my audience. If you wish to improve your chances make sure you provide links to your book such as Amazon, Waterstones etc. It would also help if you provide what the cover of the book is as well as the synopsis and target audience. It will also be useful if you tell me what makes your book so special and the inspiration behind it. As I believe there is more than just the finished product and it gives me a better feel of the story.

If I have chosen your book to be reviewed I will contact you with the email address that you provide. This where I will set up a schedule as to when I will read and review your book dependent on the factors of myself and whether the book is soon to be published or something similar.

If you want to contact me for a review request you can email me at :


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Hello everyone. On this occasion, we will be looking at a self-published debut novel which in my opinion, is so relevant to the present day.

Can we just start by having a look at this book cover? Isn't it glorious? The teenage me is quite jealous right now. If only I had this book back in the day, I would have never let go of it. It would have taken centre stage right on my bookshelf with pride. Then again, I've always been a sucker for a good book cover. But aren't we all?

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