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The Crown by Kiera Cass

It is sad you know? Seeing this all coming to an end. However, if you think about it, it won't be a complete end until i read the 'Happily Ever After' book, which has some small novellas that focus on the series. Although, i do feel that i don't really want to read it just yet as it means that it would have officially ended then for me, after all of these years.

If you had been with me from the very start, my first post was actually a review of the first three books of the series. Everything seems to have changed drastically since then.

If i am being totally honest, when first laying my eyes of the final cover of the selection series, may have been a little bit judgemental. Not only because of the fact that i felt, not only is it very predictable, but it would have been nice to have colours that symbolise both femminity as well as leadership. Which when looking at this at first, it makes me think of 'primary' colours that everyone uses for girls, when they don…