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Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

It seems that at the moment, all the posts that I have done this year so far (even though there is not very many) have been out of character for this blog - especially from what has been presented from previous years. But I guess that it is nice for some sort of change. Sometimes the formula for a blog such as mine can get very boring and tedious. It kind of makes me wonder sometimes why I even decided to do such a thing in the first place.

Then I realise. Why do I have to keep to the same formula all of the time when it's my blog? I haven't been making much sense to myself, let alone my readers.

Ishmael is something very different to what I usually review on this blog. Why? Because this was actually something that I chose to read for a book review at university. I don't tend to like to re-review books for this blog, but I realised how different this book is compared to all of the others.

The main reason behind how it is so intriguing is due to the fact of that in which it …