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Mockingjay Part 1

Sorry about how late this post has been. I know it only has only really been a few hours late (well maybe actually a little than that). But if i was to be truly honest i'm a bit tired and afterall i'm only human. Looking at the about page, i am just thinking that should i actually leave the posting time as 7am in the morning? Well if it gets any worse i will just have to do it anytime during Tuesday. Seriously, you should see how much work i actually have - tons! I know, no excuse. But just to make me feel better i am going to record this post as it had been if it was done at 7. So if you are looking at this in the future, you now know the truth! I don't know, i just think that i would be able to get away with anything... i'm the worst lier going.

I have had a good time at the weekend. It had to be Mockingjay Part 1, of course at the cinema. The film was good, i haven't read the books in a while so when certain parts came up, in my head i was saying to myself oh! …


First of all i'm going to be honest. I simply have done fairly little reading over the past week. But i have something else that might get me back into your good books. This week i have decided to try out something new. Because we all know, i'm pretty boring and clicking onto this page each week with either a review or a TBR can be a drag. So i have decided to come up with looking at books which are being turned into movie adaptations.

Of course we have to start with the film which is coming out on the 20th, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1:

I like the idea of how they have used the mockingjay pin in the theatrical posters behind some of the characters. It symbolises quite a lot where the rebellion is finally taking flight and is the beginning of the end. I have always liked the concept of how they have made the pin burn, it also makes me think back to when Katniss and Peeta both had those costumes on fire in the chariots, as well as symbolising their disttrict.

Having two…


Well i hope everyone has been alright this past week. I can't believe how quick Bonfire Night and Halloween have already been and gone. I think i'm getting so old. So now that there is Rememberance Day today, soon it will be the run up to Christmas. At the moment the only true thing i'm thinking about is how much money i have to spend, as the prices tremendously rise at this time of the year. But don't forget about Rememberance Day, i understand that it is easily done that we all like to think about Christmas after Bonfire Night. Athough we must not forget those who have fallen to give us the liberty to speak freely, as i am doing now. So enough of that, i don't want to and i'm sure you don't want a lecture on how you should run your life- i'd rather get on to doing some reviews now.

So here is the BBOOookkkk  To be honest, it was a bit of a let down. Whether it was meant to be the fact that i haven't read the last book in over a year, or it simply …

Literally a Fangirl

I'm so excited to talk you about this piece of fiction. Literally it is just a masterpiece!
Genre: Contemporary, Romance Year Of Publish: 2013 (US), 2014 (UK) Publisher: St Martin's Press (US), Pan Macmillian (UK)  I have found that throughout the whole of this book, the main character Cath has a lot of characteristics that i can relate to. She's antisocial, a fangirl(a bit obvious), scared of the real world and prefers the imaginary world of literature compared to reality. The whole time i couldn't stop reading wanting to find out more(which is kind of bad when i have tons of essays to finish).

What is all about?
Well, the basis of the story is that Cath is going to university, but she prefers to write fanfics of Simon Snow and Baz. They are kind of an imaginary fandom, which i heard from somewhere that Rainbow Rowell is eventually going to write books about them. So that will be quite interesting. But many have said that Simon Snow is very much like the alternate versi…