Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What's not to be perfect?

Happy New Year! Like as I have said last week, we are going into something a bit more depressing. To start off this post I have decided that before I do go into specific details, I thought it would be a good idea to look at New Years resolutions. What is yours? I know for a fact what mine will be. It would have to be about how I always leave work until I have to do it. So this coming year my method for to stop making this habit would be to maybe make the habit of doing it earlier than what I once did. Just remember guys, never make a New Years resolution if you can't keep at it. Otherwise what is the point of actually making one?

Anyway the book I am going to be focusing on this Tuesday, would be a book called The Perfectionists. It is about how five girls devise a plan against this boy called Nolan Hotchkiss and of course there will be a murder, betrayal and a bit of poison.

I have to be completely honest about how i felt about the whole plot, before going onto other relevant parts that i feel is crucial. It was probably the most depressing book i have ever read. This is because every single main character was getting into a lot of trouble. The most annoying part about this is that by the time i reached the end there was no resolution. It kind of suggests that this is going to be a series which takes your money, no matter how depressed you get. Sort of like continuing it only because of the resolution - not because it seems to be torturing you.
You probably know where this is going to be rated on the five star scale. For the first time on this blog, i am going to give a book 0.5 stars. Yes this is very harsh. But please you must realise, it was the worst book ever! I'm probably going to give away this book after a while - i don't think it even deserves a place on my bookshelf!
It feels weird that it is going to be 2015 in a couple of days. I always like New Years Eve, it seems like there is always some sort of party happening somewhere. As some of you may know, i will be doing the Goodreads challenge next year. I was thinking of doing something like 40 books next time. But then i thought, why don't you decide? Just bear in mind i started my challenge this year a little later than everyone else - 6 months late to be precise. This shows that i would probably be able to do double. But ut is all up to you in the end. Tell me in the comments box!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

**Merry Christmas!**

Merry Christmas everyone! Not long now until Santa will be coming down the chimney. Did you know that Santa Claus is actually called after many names? Some include: Saint Nicholas; Father Christmas; Kris Kringle or just simply as Santa. Some European children actually receive their presents on the 6th of December - Saint Nicholas Day. He is also derived from the Dutch figure called Sintaklaas, which if you listen carefully sounds very similar to Santa Claus.

As it is Christmas time, i gave decided to create a christmas list for those "tough to beat" classic novels:

Well this is an absolute necessity for most obssessive book lovers. What is not to love? A mean character which eventually develops to be a kind man to those around him. Now that is what i call a brilliant character development. Also if you haven't read the book, i am sure that you have somehow watched the film in one way or another.

This is very similar to A Christmas Carol in the way that the Grinch is kind like the mean character like Scrooge. There is also a film adaptation for tis book as well, but just bear in mind it would be good if you are a hard- core Jim Carrey fan.

Well i must admit i did not really like this interpretation of Christmas, but i thought that it would be a good choice as it is all about the Christmas Spirit. If you feel like trying something a bit different - why not have a try at this?

Christmas Songs:


Next week will be back to normal, with a new book from a brand new series. All i can say that the ending nearly killed me. I hate unresolved endings - it is quite depressing actually.
Until Next Time

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Angels and Demons

As i am an A-level Religious Studies student, i feel like it would be wrong not to read this book. Not because it is mandatory or even relevant. I also understand that most of the information presented within this book was false and harshly critised. But no matter what, it is all a bit of fiction; a bit of entertainment.

So this is the first book in the Robert Langdon series, which i must admit the character himself is very dear. I don't know why but after completing the whole of the book, i couldn't stop thinking about the plot. It may have been because how some of the twists in the book are pretty much outrageous. Or that most of the information about the Vatican i have never heard about before.

The plot itself is about Robert Langdon has been called up in the middle of the night because of a significant murder. Branded by the Illuminati. Vittoria Vetra and himself discover that the antimatter once created by the victim of the murder is now missing. The only clue to knowing where the bomb is now hidden, is the history of conflict between the Vatican and the Illuminati.

I have been trying to avoid the film for many years now, until i felt it was to be important. Therefore i proposed to myself, that once i have finally read the book i would watch it. What a mistake that was. I felt that the adapted plot was entirely off key. Somehow i feel sorry as it could have been so much better. Please don't think that i disapprove of the actors. I love Tom Hanks and Ewan Mcgregor; i totally respect them. But it just wasn't right.

Well i am on to the Da Vinci Code now and i am already over one hundred pages through it. So i guess that it won't be at all long until there will be another review about Dan Brown's works. But don't worry it won't be all like that. Especially definitely not next week.

I have a special post for you all next week, which i have been working on for quite a long time now. I just hope that i will be able to finish it all on time - hopefully!

My rating (before drawing my attention to something else) for the book would have to be 3.5 stars. This is because i feel that some of the information was a bit too over the top, whereas other areas seemed slow paced. It was only really towards the middle to end that it all finally picked up. At some stages i thought to myself how long 5 hours could actually take. Forever in Dan Brown's case.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Blogs v Vlogs

Did you know that 'Girl Online' is the biggest debut seller of all time? With books sold over 78,000 copies in its first week. Even more than JK Rowling, Dan Brown or Stephanie Meyer!

But it doesn't necessarily mean that it was a good book. It was just that the author who seemed to be placed on the cover, is already a star in her own right. But that is not a bad thing.

In some places i could feel that she was trying to get out her own personal experiences of the internet and how cruel it can be. Like for instance with haters and how no one really knows her but decides to make assumptions of her private life.

But i could also feel like a lot of cliche happenings going on. Sometimes i don't know why i bother! Sometimes having this can help with the progression with the plot line, but i do wish that one day some YA author will be original and give it a bit more of a twist - rather than the obvious.

When going on Goodreads and looking at their reviews some say that she may have had a ghost writer do it all for her. It's probably the worst thing to look at. To be honest, i don't care if it has been written by someone else and passed for her, all i care about is the story.

I don't hate this book, but i don't exactly love either. I guess it's one of those where you can only read once in your life, as you don't have anything else to read. The cover itself i have found to be very bare. Somehow i feel that because of the pictures, it feels like there should be something more as it is only up in the corners really. But then i realise that if you did put any more to it, it will be more cluttered than needed.

So from judging from my overall opinion i believe that mainly the customers buying this book are probably more for those who are fans. I guess that is good in a way as they would probably know more about what the story is actually about. It's not like i haven't seen Zoella before because i have, as i watch her YouTube buddies like Jim Chapman and Joey Graceffa. But i just don't know it didn't give me that originality that i was looking for.

I am very disapointed to say this as it is now well into December, and i wanted to be a bit more joyful. But i am going to have to say i am giving the book itself 2.5 stars.


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Black Friday Bargain!

So with having a free day off on Black friday, you can hardly resist. Black Friday itself has only really become well advertised since last year in the UK. ASDA goes absolutely mad, of course because of the fact it is a part of the Walmart family which comes from America. But really before them Amazon has also been very well known for their discounted prices at the end of November. So what exactly is Black Friday? Well from what i have heard it is meant to be the day after Thanksgiving in America and therefore it shows that it is the run up to the christmas season. So just for what some places may be like here is what happened in a store this year in the UK in Wembley, London:

So what did i get exactly?

For myself i decided that i wanted to go into WHSmith, which obviously the only real reason why i wanted to go in was for books. Never mind about how much it actually costs! So i went in and it was busier than normal. Making it much harder for me to concentrate and choose what i might like. The other problem was, is that i was on a limited time range so there was an increased amount of pressure that goes into everything. I do not know whether you would agree with me but deciding what book you want is kind of like an art. It's a relaxation method as well as being quite picky. I find that it is sort of like picking a pet, you have to get the right one. You don't just go into the store and say, "Well that is what i want" without actually assessing the pros and cons of how it will affect yor life. So getting back to the point the book that i decided to choose was a newly published hardback book "hot of the press" as i like to call it. It was orignally £12.99 but it was knocked down half the price.

So for the moment of truth here is the book:
Yep. As you may see it is by the YouTuber Zoella.
First of all i must be completely honest. I'm not a fan. Then again i'm not a hater. I just haven't seen any of her videos of sorts. I kind of think that it is better that way because if you are a fan you can be disappointed, but also if you were to be a hater you would be jumping for joy if it was to be bad. Therefore as i am in the middle, i have a completely unbiased opinion and moreover if i does turn out to be good or bad, it's either pleasantly surprised or "okay lets move onto the next one".
So what is the other news for the other books that i am currently reading at the moment?
I'm sure that you could have guessed by now that i haven't been reviewing much very lately. Commitments have been very difficult and well, when you see piles of books on the bookshelf it does make me feel a little guilty. But never fret! I am now on my way with Jane Eyre and should be up to be reviewed in the next few weeks, depending on how i am doing. But also i have been making a bit of head way with Angels and Demons at last! So keep up to date with what is going to be reviewed with my upcoming page!
As this is the season for joy and happiness, i am going to be doing a special christmas post just before Christmas. Hopefully it will have a lot of treats and surprises - so make sure that you watch out!
I am now signing off,

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Mockingjay Part 1

Sorry about how late this post has been. I know it only has only really been a few hours late (well maybe actually a little than that). But if i was to be truly honest i'm a bit tired and afterall i'm only human. Looking at the about page, i am just thinking that should i actually leave the posting time as 7am in the morning? Well if it gets any worse i will just have to do it anytime during Tuesday. Seriously, you should see how much work i actually have - tons! I know, no excuse. But just to make me feel better i am going to record this post as it had been if it was done at 7. So if you are looking at this in the future, you now know the truth! I don't know, i just think that i would be able to get away with anything... i'm the worst lier going.

I have had a good time at the weekend. It had to be Mockingjay Part 1, of course at the cinema. The film was good, i haven't read the books in a while so when certain parts came up, in my head i was saying to myself oh! I remember all of that! when certain events seemed to happen. But i must admit that in parts i found it very unsettling and i wanted (but thank goodness didn't!) cry. It just shows that you have more empathy with the characters when you have read the books and eventually seen them on screen.
 My favourite character hasn't changed when watching the third installment of the film franchise. I understand that there is some rivalry between who Katniss should choose and i have always prefered Peeta myself. I think that it is mainly because of that he has a more emotional side. For instance what happens to him in Mockingjay kind of nearly kills me, because i know that he is one of those characters who doesn't even want to hurt a fly.

It is sad that i didn't review the trilogy on here. It would be cool to make a more effcient comparison of what i thought of the two mediums and which one portrays it better. So for some reason i am kind of not as much looking forward to the final film compared to last year with this one. Probably because of that it will be it and there would be nothing more to continue with. Of course otherwise if Susanne Collins decides to write another book. You are probably thinking that well that is not going to happen but actually i have seen similar things before. Another reason why is as i probably would definitely cry when the finale comes out. Then i have no idea what i would look forward towards in the cinema - no clue!

There is already talk about how well they are doing. Not doing as good as last time through the critics not liking it as much as Catching Fire and the box office opening weekend has not been as good as last year. Lets hope that they get back on track and the finale will be the whopper out of the lot. My judgement is that because there is no games in this film, it is mainly focused around the beginning of the rebellion. But if you think about it if you separate it into two different films i guess this will be the preparation for the final blow to make there mark which will happen in the next coming year.

May the odds be ever in your favour!


Tuesday, 18 November 2014


First of all i'm going to be honest. I simply have done fairly little reading over the past week. But i have something else that might get me back into your good books. This week i have decided to try out something new. Because we all know, i'm pretty boring and clicking onto this page each week with either a review or a TBR can be a drag. So i have decided to come up with looking at books which are being turned into movie adaptations.

Of course we have to start with the film which is coming out on the 20th, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1:

I like the idea of how they have used the mockingjay pin in the theatrical posters behind some of the characters. It symbolises quite a lot where the rebellion is finally taking flight and is the beginning of the end. I have always liked the concept of how they have made the pin burn, it also makes me think back to when Katniss and Peeta both had those costumes on fire in the chariots, as well as symbolising their disttrict.

Having two movies for the final installment always gets me mad. It's not like Harry Potter, or even Breaking Dawn i didn't think the Hunger Games could even compete with the amount there is in the plot. Has anyone actually seen how many pages there are? There is hardly any compared to the other franchises- talk about making more to get your money!

Inferno which is coming out in 2015:

Obviously you should already know that i currently own a copy of this book, but i haven't exactly read it at this moment in time. I'm sure by the time that it rolls on round i should have read it. But my only question is, if they have already done Angels and Demons and the Da Vinci code to this date, how come they haven't done the Lost Symbol as it was published before this?

Well i can't believe that i'm actually going to write this in, but because of it's popularity i think it deserves a place on this post (even if i haven't read it!). Here it goes, Fifty Shades of Grey:

I don't think i want to see this. Not because of the fact of the genre but because of what i have heard about the book itself and how it has been called "bad prose". I also heard from somewhere that originally it was a fanfiction for Twilight. To be honest i try to read as little fanfics as possible, otherwise i guess my mind thinks different to how it was meant to be. It doesn't mean that i hate fanfiction because i don't, i know quite a few people who do it and are quite good at it. It is just the fact that my mind can be quite malleable sometimes when it comes to plotlines, then i can't think of how it originally was. Making it extremely difficult if i am reading the same book over again, it just makes it a bit harder, and well imagining the world is completely different. I must say though, getting from Twilight from Fifty Shades of Grey are such different genres, if i wasn't told i don't think i would be able to put two and two together!
I think that i'm going to leave it there for now. I'll probably do this again another time. Maybe in the next coming months? Well i guess i am going to have to have a look out for what will be coming out next!
Until Next Time,

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Well i hope everyone has been alright this past week. I can't believe how quick Bonfire Night and Halloween have already been and gone. I think i'm getting so old. So now that there is Rememberance Day today, soon it will be the run up to Christmas. At the moment the only true thing i'm thinking about is how much money i have to spend, as the prices tremendously rise at this time of the year. But don't forget about Rememberance Day, i understand that it is easily done that we all like to think about Christmas after Bonfire Night. Athough we must not forget those who have fallen to give us the liberty to speak freely, as i am doing now. So enough of that, i don't want to and i'm sure you don't want a lecture on how you should run your life- i'd rather get on to doing some reviews now.

So here is the BBOOookkkk
 To be honest, it was a bit of a let down. Whether it was meant to be the fact that i haven't read the last book in over a year, or it simply wasn't as good as it was said to be. The concept was poor, there wasn't anything that i could easily talk about on a daily basis. I don't even think that i could go through what actually happened. I think i may have been asleep through some of it. I think that i'm slowly drifting off to sleep as i'm explaining this to you now.
I have to be critical but this is going to be a 2 stars. I am definitely not going to buy the next in the series. Seriously, if you were in a duel with someone and is giving them strength when your with your lover, you don't go near them at all costs. But every five minutes thise two couldn't be away from each other. Grow up! It's just so childish! I don't even know how other people have rated this much higher- how? To be honest i don't think i want to waste any more words on this boring and dull novel. If you do want to read this book, good luck to you. If you want to read the next book, i admire you. If you want to read the final book, it's your fault and i definitely didn't curse you.
Hopefully i will have something a bit more exciting next week.
P.s. I could have spent this money on the book for something with a bit more relevance. But hey i'm not perfect, and i'm sure most of us aren't. Sorry for the rant but it is your fault, you clicked on the site!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Literally a Fangirl

I'm so excited to talk you about this piece of fiction. Literally it is just a masterpiece!

Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Year Of Publish: 2013 (US), 2014 (UK)
Publisher: St Martin's Press (US), Pan Macmillian (UK)

I have found that throughout the whole of this book, the main character Cath has a lot of characteristics that i can relate to. She's antisocial, a fangirl(a bit obvious), scared of the real world and prefers the imaginary world of literature compared to reality. The whole time i couldn't stop reading wanting to find out more(which is kind of bad when i have tons of essays to finish).

What is all about?

Well, the basis of the story is that Cath is going to university, but she prefers to write fanfics of Simon Snow and Baz. They are kind of an imaginary fandom, which i heard from somewhere that Rainbow Rowell is eventually going to write books about them. So that will be quite interesting. But many have said that Simon Snow is very much like the alternate version of Harry Potter, which probably the reason why it wasn't Harry is because of Copyright or something. Getting back to the synopsis, she prefers to write fanfics than going out to discover more about the university and of course does not want to socialise with anyone. It's probably because her twin Wren doesn't want to share with her anymore and decides to things she wants. So it kind of wrecks her plans when two people Levi and Reagan decide to make friends with her

What my thoughts are!
I loved this book! And to put you all out of your misery, i'm going to rate it the first 5 stars in a very, very long time. It was gripping, powerful and something i might do if i ever get the chance to go to university. Obviously it wouldn't be exactly the same to how it would be, as English universitites are very different to American ones- but who cares! It kind of gives confidence to those who aren't as confident and independent, it is like telling you well, you can do things and even though it takes a bit of work, we will all get there in the end. I admire Cath. Not because of the fact that she writes infamous fanfics, but because of her dedication to her belief of her hobby. If only i don't doubt myself, i could be on top of the world!

This is going to be fairly short this week. But i'm planning a very big post over the coming weeks letting you know about some stuff. So keep your eyes peeled- it may be very exciting!

Want to be active in taking part in what books should be reviewed next? Join the Crossing Pixies group on Goodreads: Click Here

From your reader enthusiast,

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I have decided this time around, that I'm going to be doing the TBR a bit earlier. If you have already recognised, I didn't do one last time. I'm not going to lie I simply forgot. Not at all good. But now looking back, there was no point for one. There simply wasn't enough. I have been collecting books though. Some you might like, some you might not. But you never know if you find that beautiful hidden gem! Who knows that from this post, you might of found your favourite book of all time?

The few books that I have got lined up for you are: The Iron Trial; Fangirl; Ballet Shoes and The Blood Of Olympus (which i still haven't began reading yet!). So i'm very excited. I have already started Fangirl which seems to be very good. It also seems to be that Cath, the main character has a personality which i can relate to- especially at this moment in time. But i don't want to spoil the plot so far. I've got to be careful if i am to save this for a review later on in the future.

I'm looking forward to the end of The Blood of Olympus. I have been trying really hard not to look at spoilers on the internet. It's quite sad actually, especially when i received it in the post the day it was published. I guess i don't want to rush it. Maybe it is the fact of which i don't want the Percy Jackson world to end, which i already understand Riordan has already brought out the concept of there being 'Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods' as well as the next book which hasn't yet been published 'Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes'. But it won't be the same. I heard that it is not really about Percy but he is more like the narrator, which seems quite depressing to me. Although it may actually be very good. So if you have read it make sure you tell me in the comments, so then if it is fantastic i would actually consider buying it. But i would also need to know on whether the American or the UK version is much better than the other. Tell me, i will be listening!

Ballet Shoes is one that i had received from my Grandparents, as my Nan absolutely loves the book and everytime i talk about books she brings up the subject. So when she found it on the carboot she thought that i would like to read it. I find that fine, as there is never enough books to fill up in my spare time. The more the better. On the other hand, The Iron Trial is something i found in ASDA. For a few times going in there, i always seem to look at the book section and twice it has caught my eye. To be honest i have read a little bit of it and seems to be for the younger audience- meaning children. I don't mind about that as well, Percy is a childrens book but that hasn't stopped me. So we'll have to wait and see on whether it has been a good buy. Even if it doesn't it has a nice place on my bookshelf as it is a beautiful illustrated book cover.

I haven't got any further with the Dan Brown books, although i have began on 'Angels and Demons' which seems quite good so far. But i won't tell you anymore until nearer the time.

Happy Halloween!

P.s. Sorry there wasn't any ghoulish titles! 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Female Assassin?!

Throughout the whole of this past week, I have been enclosed in the world of fantasy and of course female assassins! I'm sorry, but it seems to me now that since I have played on the Assassin Creed games, somehow having female lead assassins seem next to nonexistent. Which is okay I guess. But it is always good to broaden those horizons. I'm not against women being lead characters; really I don't care. As long as they have a strong lead and not annoying to read I'm very happy. Extremely happy in fact. But hey, why am I talking on about society? I am and I'm sure you are more interested in how this book worked out.

Genre: Fantasy,Dystopian
Publisher: Bloomsbury

When having that good old session of reading, I felt a few vibes coming out of it. I'm not sure if some readers have felt the same way but it was like there was a bit of the Hunger Games, The Selection as well as the classic Grimms tale of Cinderella. There was a bit of a love triangle as well as a bit of action, which is completely fine as long as there is a good balance between them. Which I guess there was.

I give it overall a 3.5 stars well it's more than the rating usually is. So that is good. It was quite hard to get into during the start and when you actually buy the book, rather than get it from the local library, ypy kind of have to read it. Otherwise what is the point in buying it? The story itself is like there was a girl who is the assassin but she was caught. Her punishment for this is to work down in the mines, until she gets called to go into a competition to become the Kings champion. It kinda shows the progression of her journey and how she overcomes hurdles throughout the whole concept of the competition during the plot. I may get the next book in the series but I'm not so sure yet, as I have plenty of other books to read as well as commitments. But hey, you never know in the near future I could be reviewing the next book in the saga!

Next time,


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Tragic Salesman

I did tell you that you'll be in for this. But I guess you didn't know that it would be so soon. A play. Wonderful. By the Arthur Miller. Don't be sad, even though it may not be contemporary, or even a novel of sorts, doesn't mean that it won't be good. Because it is brilliant. The themes include: betrayal, abandonment, the american dream and so forth.

The author himself, Arthur Miller used to be a salesman himself, so this may have been a connection to why he chose a title and synopsis to this. Also another unusual fact is that at one point he was actually married to Marilyn Monroe, how cool is that? Obviously it probably wasn't for such a long time, as throughout her life, she was married to quite a few men. Anyway, back onto the subject of the book, here comes the "meat" of the review.( I'm not trying to offend vegetarians! So don't take that personally!)

Genre: Tragedy
Publisher: Penguin Classics
Year Of Publish: Reprinted in 2000

Such a tragic way to die...

The play itself is very short, easy to understand. But of course a play of this brilliance should never be written down, it should be performed. I myself would love to see this live now, it would definitely brighten up my life. Even though it does have tragic themes. But that is not the point I'm trying to put across. Its the fact that when such a masterpiece has been written, it cannot lay around picking up dust, it should be played for all to see. So that is something without a doubt, I will be looking out for when it comes and plays near me!

My main rating for the overall product would have to be 4 stars. You must be jumping for joy right now because its he first time in a while that I have rated more than 3 stars. Sometimes I even surprise myself! But I think this a well deserved amount as it is extremely thought provoking. I think that it is time up for this week.

Your good friend,


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Unbreakable Code

I found now with reading the second one-off thriller books, that they have very similar qualities. I know, they are done by the exact same author. But just think, why is there always a person in a certain role to take the antagonist side? Well, just a thought anyway. So i hope you have all been sound this last week, because this week i'm taking you back to Dan Brown with his book 'Digital Fortress'. Whoo hoo! All in a days work. Sorry about before, i think i was in a deep idea of thought- i sometimes do that, like most people. But never mind that, you didn't click on this page to hear me babble on about myself- oh no. It's time for the big judgement and whether your in the right mind to try it out afterwards!

Genre: Conspiracy, Thriller
Publisher: Corgi
Year Of Publish: First published 1998
Pages: 512
Of course this would be the UK version. But would you be able to break the unbreakable code?

So i bet you're wondering what is this all about? Well, to start there is a Agency within the US Government called the NSA (National Security Agency but called by some characters by No Such Agency, as it is all hush hush) a woman called Susan Fletcher is called in because there is a unbreakable code which threatens to take the NSA hostage, by a man called Ensei Takado. Of course there is going to be disaster over disaster and soon she will fight for the man that she loves in the end. (i don't really wan't to spoilt it anymore for those who actually do want to read it without my review)

My initial thoughts towards the whole idea of this second book is that, well, it's not really focusing upon the writing style, but more upon the facts. Sorry if you may think differently, but to me it is the truth. The writing style seems to be very, how can i put this, dry. I wasn't very motivated to read it. Which as well, when there is a chase scene in the middle of the book, there were so many chapters dedicated to it, i couldn't wait for it all to end. Simples. (As the meerkat once said) It's just unfortunate as there is a huge focus upon what they are riding and using the actual idea of the plot just fails completely. To be honest it makes me wonder now, making sense that compared to some of the books made into films, i'm so glad it wasn't optioned for one itsself.

Now i look back at this, i feel very guilty as i haven't put a huge amount of positives if any. So therefore i think that the good parts to this is that well there is more to what meets the eye of our own Governments. We probably suspect more that is true without realising, because of the fact that they always deny the truth. This is a good example of something that we miss right in front of us, without actually realising; which they plant on purpose. Overall i give the whole piece of work a 3 stars. I know i have been rating a lot of books at the moment 3 stars it's just i haven't found anything that has actually wowed me recently. In due time i guess.

See you this time next week. Until then, keep calm and carry on.
P.s. I am really excited about the upcoming book 'Heroes Of Olympus: The Blood Of Olympus' which is making it'd first appearance in bookstores today. Make sure you grab the last ever Percy Jackson book. Hopefully it will be a good one! Just Nico, don't die okay?

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Irish Life

During most of my time from the past couple of weeks, i have planted myself into an A-level English text of my choice. So what is it? Drum roll please...Dubliners by James Joyce. So i made this stupid error when i first chose the book(please bear in mind i have awful pronunciation) by calling it Dub-liners, but then i had to think about it for a while. Which it was then that i realised that because it is about middle class Irish people i thought then the proper pronunication is Dub-lynners, because of Dublin. In fact now that i look back i sound so idiotic. Ooops!

So getting past the misdirection, the main idea of this text looks at 15 different stories, for different people in the 20th century and how they coped in middle class life in Ireland. It's a very difficult book to read, as there is no speech marks and relies much more upon the use of hythons at the beginning of the sentence,when someone is talking. In fact because it is quite hard to understand, I actually changed the text I wanted to do, at the last minute. This was changed to the famous play 'Death of a Salesman' by Arthur Miller, which I'm enjoying it so much more.(I will talk about this play at a later time for you guys!)

Publisher: Originally Grant Richards Ltd. but mine was Penguin English Library
Year Of Publish: Originally 1914, but my version was 2012

This version of Dubliners is not the cover i had. But it is a good idea of what you might decide to look at. Usually modern classics are republished under the name of Penguin's Modern Classics, which if in the UK you can go into a highstreet bookshop to find these in the classic section!

I have decided that i do not want to read this book again. Not because it's Irish. No way! Not even if it is good classic if you want to read it.  But the truth is that for the amount of pages there were, which wasn't many, it made me demotivated through the writing style used. Which is never like me to read a small book within a month! So that is the end of that. Poof!

My overall rating for this book is going to be probably about, 3 Stars for the whole she-bang. I hope this information would be put to good use. Not far from this day, i will be talking about the play, Death of a Salesman which is very good. I'm looking forward to talking to you about this, very excited if i was to be completely truthful!

It's that time again. I hope you are all well. Looking forward to giving my next review in the following week!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Meteorite Deceit

Yes! It's that time. I have read my very first Dan Brown book. Amazing. I think i have came away thinking more about what is happening in the world than any other. Fantastic! This is truly what i would say is a masterpiece, every detail refined to perfection. I believe that i have learnt so much, and it has made me think on how oblivious i am to the world and what type of scandals go on behind our backs.

Genre: Techno-Thriller, Conspiracy
Publisher: Corgi
Year Of Publish: 2001
Pages: 592

Deception is in the air, can you feel it?
But of course as ever the criticisms will be involved within this review. Although today i'm in quite a good mood, so that would probably make the rating higher than intended. Beware! I have decided that i'm going to start it off with how much success that this author has already without me saying anything. First of all, he has two film adaptations based upon his work and he is having another based upon his fourth book 'Inferno' which is due for release in 2015. But not only this, his main character within that series, 'Robert Langdon' is portrayed by the actor Tom Hanks. Who if you already know has been in many films such as: Forrest Gump; Saving Mr Banks; Philadelphia; Saving Private Ryan; Toystory and Captain Phillips. So, i guess very well known. (A little bit of an understatement)

Onto the Criticisms!

It is a huge book. From when i first began the novel to when i had finally finished it, it took around 11 days to complete. Way out of my normal reading routine! When looking at books this huge you sort of become a little demotivated. But i got through it and survived- at least that is a postitive thing. I may have wondered a bit with my mind whilst reading the book, because in some places it did feel like the type of writing style you get from from free ebooks. But don't worry I'm going now onto the positives. Yay!


Well it definitely gives some revelant information. I learnt quite a bit, which you just know from reading alot , you don't always get well detailed books that you could take to the bank! But this, well it would be easy to remember points made. Maybe I'll even remember this for a very long time!Although the main point about this is that it wasn't something that i would normally read, therefore by trying out Dan Brown himself, it has made me think twice at giving all these well recognised authors a shot. (I'm quite mean, i tend to like the hidden jewels!)

Overall, i found that i am definitely going to carry on with reading the other five books, which at the moment it is Digital Fortress so that will be interesting to see if it's better than the last. I just hope that it doesn't all go down hill from here! My final rating for this book is 4 stars- very generous today!

Once again, it's that time to say goodbye. But don't worry, it's less than a week till you hear from me again. I'm not going anywhere yet!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

I Need An Umbrella!

This week I had been reading the book, "The Rain" by Virginia Bergin. The book itself is based upon survival when there is poisonous water in the skies. It is centred around a girl called Ruby Morris who lives a life of partying and not caring much apart from the love interest Caspar McCloud. To be upfront, I didn't like her. The fact that she was always assuming that her friends are alive and her mobile is more important than her or her families survival is extremely selfish. Seriously, who would think that your friends are still alive after they have been touched by poisonous rain? I don't think so. The fact that realisation finally kicked into her later in the novel was probably the best event throughout the whole story.

Genre: Survival, Thriller, Dystopian
Publisher: Macmillan children's books
Year Of Publish: 2014
Pages: 384
The book itself. What's the forecast for today?

So, what is my general view of the whole book? What do I rate it? Should I plan to get the next instalment, "The Storm" next year? Or is it something that is not worth anybody as well as my time? Here is my critique:  Never in my dreams am i going to buy its sequel, even if i were paid to. It felt more like a chore than to read in my own free time because i want to. Before i go on any further with this moaning i must say i give the whole book a 2 stars. That's probably quite generous! Please, for yourselves if you value your lives and reading routine don't pick this up! In fact avoid this writer entirely, trust me it's for you're own good.

The point that i'm trying to make is that well, Ruby is rude to everyone who seems to care about her and try and keep her safe. But she just shoves it back in their face. Well, nice stereotyping Ms Bergin! You know not every teenager acts this way. I know i certainly don't, it's just manners.

This below is what is meant to be the trailer for this book. I hope i don't torture you too much...

I think that is enough of a rant for this week. I'm probably boring your socks off already. Now it's your turn to make a judgment. I hope that you will be able to agree!

Interested? Want to find out more? Here is that special link to her website. Click Here

So what do you think? Have you read it yet? I want to hear from YOU! I'm now signing off and you'll hear from me next week!


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Troll Queens

When i first decided that i was going to buy this book, it was a choice between the idea of City Of Bones or some other trending book- which somehow i can't remember! I understand that you are probably shouting at the screen right now saying, "How could you? How could you pass up City Of Bones?" I will tell you why. The problem that i have is that i love signed copies, and i'm sure many of you will agree with me on this. So when i saw a signed copy of "Switched" by Amanda Hocking, there was no comparison to the latter. Hopefully you understand- please don't be mad with me!

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Publisher: Tor

This is the first book in the trilogy. It is the adult version. Did you know that there is a young adult and  adult version? Well you learn something new everyday!!

Compared to other books that I have read to "Switched", " Torn" and "Ascend" there has been way (and I mean way) better prose than this trilogy. Most of the time the author reused quite a lot of words throughout, including " surveyed" and "foxy". After a while it gets a bit on your nerves. Trust me soon you will be asking on whether that is the only vocabulary she actually knows. Sounds quite harsh, but if you don't believe me try it out for yourself!

This trilogy includes trolls which don't really look like trolls, more like humans. Also there are quite a lot of humans featured, to be honest the trolls might has well have been humans themselves there is not much difference. It also features royal families, which is probably the main focus upon this trilogy throughout. The main character always seems to be arguing with another character just for the sake of it. Even the other characters seem to get fed up with this after a while. It seems crazy because she doesn't understand why they avoid her in some parts of it. I don't blame them!

If you are wondering what this story line is supposed to look like, here is one of its book trailer above:

I think out of the whole "Trylle" trilogy, I would give the overall rating of 3.5 stars. This is because of the fact that the story line was not so brilliant and it was very predictable. But it was also as it didn't feel like a book that should have been published. But if it was just to be an ebook or inside the newspaper as an article it would probably be most passable for me. This is because of the idea of how i don't understand how a publisher was able to pass such bad prose. I thought this was where they decide whether they would look further into publishing a certain book. I don't know maybe it is just me being stupid! Or maybe they just want to exploit her huge success so they don't care about that sort of stuff. But don't ask me, i guess that i don't work in that field!

So what do i think about the new "Kanin Chronicles" that has just been recently announced? Well, i guess you probably know where most of this is going to go, as i have expressed quite a lot of my feelings already. My main thoughts at this moment in time suggest is this going to be very similar to the last? Maybe it is just a way to get more money out of innocent readers. Although, on the other hand this could be the changing point in this spin off, maybe this is what the doctor ordered! But who knows, only time will tell! I'm sorry if i may have offended some readers (i completely respect your views on whether you like it or not) after all i have already forewarned saying that it is going to be as critical as i want it to be!  

This is the first book cover "Frostfire" to the "Kanin Chronicles"  for those who want to know so badly what it is going to look like!

Until next time faithful readers have a fantastic week!

P.S. Next week i will be tackling showers with "The Rain"

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Another month ended and school is slowly creeping back on us. Well, so much for the holidays! I have to admit that when it comes to this time in the year i get so depressed. Not only the fact of school dawning once again, but the fact there will be no more lie ins! Tough luck! But it is also because i won't have as much time to talk to you guys (mental cry). Meaning being able to keep up to daily reading... Wah wah!

So what have I just received in my box of goodies for this month?... Well, it has to be the entire series of Dan Brown's Robert Langdon, as well as other novels written by him. Including Deception Point and Digital Fortress. Yay!
Pages and pages of new books to read!!

I must admit that I may have already started Deception Point before letting you guys know what is happening. Total betrayal I know... Yeah, so in effect it is only 5 out of the six books received are actually TBR. But never mind. Seriously, who could pass on an incredible bestseller- have you seen those movies?

But that should be much better for you, as you will be able to get the final review for the first book much quicker. Although it all depends on whether I feel like doing it as one whole post or one for each book. Really I must say, just looking at the pile now, there is not many but sure is huge! So don't be surprised if there is one for each of them  (my memory is absolutely terrible!). It was quite different for the Demonata series as they are pretty short and I know the writing style far too well.

Some next things which will be posted will be about is Amanda Hocking, with her Switched series. I will also be talking about my initial thoughts about her new Kanin Chronicles (I think that is the main title of the series- don't quote me on that!).

Until next time my avid readers- adiós!


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

On The Chopping Block!

I know that I have already done Darren Shan, but this is one of the last books that I will be reading his works- except for the particular Zom-B novels that are still be published at this exact moment in time. The Zom-B novels will be the last review I will be doing of Darren Shan myself, unless I allow someone else to guest blog and do one of his other sagas. So the sooner that I get this all done the better I guess for you the reader. But just to be clear, I love this writer so much that I have read over 34 books of his- I think that I am obsessed!

Genre: Horror, Dystopian
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year Of Publish: 2010

This is my book of "The Thin Executioner" and is presented for those who don't mind a quest in an unfriendly environment, as well as some confusing names to remember!

It is said that in which through some of his interviews, that he prefers this work compared to his others that he wrote. Although, he may be different now, with the fact of how many new series he has published and drafts he may have in store for the future!

Well if i was to be straight and honest, this is definitely not my favourite book that he has written in my opinion. I found that it was deeply depressing, especially with how Jebel and Tel seemed to run into bad luck a lot over their travels. Although, I must admit, the ending seemed very honourable in how the character developed. Really, I thought that I wasn't going to be able read that far. It talked a lot about religion and how many bad people are in the world. Very ethical! Usually i love those types of texts!

As for the rating, i thought that it was around about 3 stars for me. I don't think i have been generous or harsh on this. But i probably raised the rating a little, as i may feel like any less would be a betrayal to my favourite author.

Well that is about it from my Birthday book pile; including The Demonata Series, The Thin Executioner and Shattered by Teri Terry. Next time i will be talking about my September TBR! So look out for that, i have some famous works that i haven't read which i will be able to tell you about.

 For the time being, have a good week and remember to read!

Kiki Hempell

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Mature Debut...

Throughout this week, I had decided that I wanted to try out the 19 year old writer, which has been the talk of literature world, during the last month. Obviously, when I did begin to read it, I did have high expectations- when lots of readers have commented it to be good. This was from Goodreads reviews on how they had thought about it. But also the fact that she was on the breakfast news was one of the main reasons on why i decided to tryout her story. Usually, when it came to unknown writers talking about their books on breakfast TV, i would normally forget it and pass it off to be awful. Although when i saw the cover and the blurb, i was very intrigued, intrigued with the fact that i could relate to these experiences in some cases- it makes sense when you're a teenager!

Genre: Contemporary
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year of Publish: 2014

As it being a debut novel for Alice Oseman, it was very developed compared to some writers on first publishing. It considers issues such as self-harm, homophobia and teenage carelessness. The whole plot is centred around a particular year 12 student called Tori Spring, who is a chronic pessimist. During the book she meets a guy in year 13 called Michael Holden- its definitely not a love story. The whole idea of maybe why the illustrator has included this upon the front, is to show this story is not about clichéd love, but about certain events that have happened to make Tori reevaluate her life.

My judgement towards the whole novel is that, the beginning was a little slow, but i forgive because of the fact that its a debut and over time her writing skills around this will develop. But I also loved the fact on how Tori's and Michael's relationship blossomed throughout the story. I must admit that i did smile sometimes, as it made Tori sometimes a bit happier, than being a usual slouch in life. The idea that both these characters are very similar when approaching life, it doesn't make you look back to how outside characters labelled Michael as a bit of a freak.

Overall, I like on how both of these characters begin to care to what is happening around them. But not only that, is is that no matter what problems they may be going through, they will never be alone as there are always people  around who care about them no matter what. Finally, the fact that she is at university and has her own published book is incredible at this age. I'm sure most people around the same age would only begin to think about where they want to head next in life. I found it hard to rate this book through many factors, but after a while I had finally decided that I give it 3.5 stars.

Alice Oseman's Blog

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

"The Demonata" from "The Master Of Horror"

Hello, it's that time again where I become that tough critic. So, you probably already know what book I will be reviewing- after all it's in the title! This time I was reading one of my favourite authors work, the Demonata series.

Genre: Children's Horror
Publisher: HarperCollins

Brief synopsis of the story so far:
Book one: The first book, was named "Lord Loss" this was probably because of the idea of one of the main villains introduced into the series, and is the rival towards the end of the main character of this book- Grubbs. Weird name Grubbs, isn't it? To be honest when I first learned his name, I wasn't too keen, but then I thought it wouldn't be Darren Shan if it wasn't strange.

Book two: Focused on another character called Kernel Fleck, in the book "Demon Thief". Which again the title does have great meaning which will tie into the plot. I'm not going to tell you what actually happened, so I don't ruin it for those who do want to pick up that book. Anyway, it was nice to see refreshing new characters, in a new writing style than the usual. Its also where the Disciples are first introduced as well as the Kah-Gash.

Book three:It was then that he wrote the book called "Bec" which is named after the new main character within the book. Making it up to three main characters within the whole series. This was slightly different to the last two as it is set 1600 years before the other two exist. She is meant to be a trainee priestess and is therefore the first person out of the three characters who withhold the Kah-Gash. She also makes a young friend called Bran- which if you are coming up to this book, you would be glad to know you will see him later on in the series!

Book four:Once again this book comes back to the eye-witness account from Grubbs Grady, in the title named by Darren as "Slawter". Just by the title it suggests quite a lot. Although this book is set to be that he is on a film set with his uncle, Dervish as the consultant as well as his best friend Bill-E. This book makes the series vary a little by the normal scenery of the Demonata universe and trying to find a way on how to destroy it.

Book five: Is the account of young Grubbs Grady in the title named as "Blood Beast". As you may have noticed Mr Shan is very good at making all of his titles relevant to the plot. This book focuses more on the fact of Grubbs being affect by the "Grady Curse" and well I better not let too much slip away. There is also a jaw-dropping cliff-hanger to the book, so watch out!

Book six: This book, named by Mr Shan was called " Demon Apocalypse" this is set exactly after the cliff-hanger, so that is a relief to those who don't like them. Once again it focuses upon Grubbs point of view. We also get to see old characters in the book from earlier on in the series. But be aware, the ending is going to be emotional!

Book seven: Named "Death's Shadow" and is written in the point of view of the girl Bec and focusing on how she copes with the modern world, as well as facing up to those who don't like her or trust her either. Once again, remember to keep your tissues out there is no way out of it, there is going to be tears for those characters in that story.

Book eight: It is near to the end and everything that they do is becoming desperate. Watch out for Grubbs Grady, because he will be making an unexpected transformation. "Wolf Island" is where Grubbs leads a group of disciples, Meera Flame and Shark to find out who made the wolves attack Dervish's house.

Book nine: You know for a fact that the end is nigh, so I found this quite depressing with the fact of some of the events which take place within this book. This time the voice is presented in the voice of Kernel and what happened to him after a certain event from another book before this one. It goes back to the very beginning and assesses how big the damage the universe actually is in. The book's name is called "Dark Calling".

This is the book for "Dark Calling" for those who are interested on reading up this story this point in the series.

Book ten: The end. Hell's Heroes, very interesting... When I first saw the book and looked at the blurb, it looked indeed very sinister, especially this, 'The Disciples are falling. The Demons are crossing. The Shadow is waiting. Welcome to the end.' This is very powerful, instantly I wanted to know what the conclusion would be. The conclusion itself is very unpredicted, but when I do look back at it all, it couldn't have happened any other way. So overall, I would give this series a 4 Stars.

The original cover of the final book, "Hell's Heroes". Welcome to the end...

To Find Out More About Darren Shan's Books, Or Even This Series, Click On The Link Here!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Fabulous Kiera Cass's Books!

I'm Kiki and my main objective for this blog is to go through with you, the reader, the books I am reading- as well as giving those tough old criticisms. Of course, if you have already scrutinised this blog quite a lot already, you would already know that this is true. So far I have read 20 books during this year. Yeah, I know not as much as the book tubers which on average they read 100 each year. But I'm not perfect- I'm only human! So who will be my first victim I see? I'm only joking! The first author who will be under my scrutiny will be the delightful and funny Kiera Cass with her entries including The Selection, The Elite and The One. Here we go...

Genre: Dystopian Romance

The Selection!- 3 stars

The Criticisms!

Throughout the whole of this book there was little going on. Probably because of the fact that there is two more books afterwards, and Kiera is trying to prolong the time when the action actually does happen, which is probably so then it isn't rushed and becomes dull to the reader very quickly. The book cover itself gives quite a lot away, especially with America actually going into the competition- as there is a big hint with the spectacular blue dress that she is wearing. This annoys me quite a lot with the fact that illustrators do this a lot now on young adult book covers, spoiling it. Every time I see something like this, it makes me think, don't you believe that we don't have an imagination anymore? Or is it the fact that everyone can agree with the actor/actress when the book is optioned for a film?

The Positives!

Such a pretty cover! One of the huge factors concerning on the real reason on why I have bought it! It was also because I wanted to be in the Kiera Cass fan base community, and share the love! Even though it wasn't how I wanted the story to be, I will still recommend it to those who prefer dystopian romance, and I am soon to lend out my copy!

The Elite!- 3 stars

The Criticisms!

To be honest, it felt like there was not much in this book. At some points I felt like they could have intertwined the last two books together. But both you and I know that it wouldn't at all be very practical. It was also very undignified on how Marlee left the competition, besides quite a few of the girls left in that type of way.

The Positives!

It is great to see the fact on how the tension is rising within the palace between King Clarkson and America, it gives a lot more than just, eat, sleep, talking to maids and walking with Maxon all of the time. You could also see that America and Maxon's relationship is becoming much closer. Especially with the fact with how Maxon didn't kill Marlee and she is still with them at the palace but under cover.

The One!- 4 stars

The Criticisms!

Well, I really do hate those rebels! The fact that they kept on reappearing just began to get on my nerves. It is like is this all that is going to be said about the whole book about rebels? Then again it shows what really could happen behind closed doors of the public. It could just easily happen to any royal family- simples!

The Positives!

I really do love on the way on how things do end in the whole of this book, with the fact that Maxon gets America. But the thing that really surprised me is that Aspen walks her down the isle of the wedding ceremony. It's nice to see this sort of stuff in characters, if they have been the main characters love interest- in some ways ideas like this is just perfect. It was also fantastic on how Maxon proposes to America in the end. It is so sweet. The fact that Maxon nearly proposed to Kriss nearly made my heart break that I knew that he really wanted America but in a way she betrayed his trust. Which I must say did annoy me with the fact of how she was with Aspen, when she should be with Maxon sometimes. But hey! Not everyone is perfect!