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Landline by Rainbow Rowell

In the spirit of Doctor Who coming back today for series 9, I thought it would be a good idea to read a book on the theme of time travel - in some sort of form I guess!

So, I decided out of the many books that I have provided for me, why not go back to an author whose writing just rocks?!

Landline, is set in the Christmas period of 2013 and focuses on a married woman, who has a job of writing comedy for a living, with her best friend, Seth. But problems arise from her marriage with Neal and it becomes a holiday where she tries to understand where everything went wrong. This is where the "landline" comes into play, which is able to ring Neal up in the past and talk to his 17 year prior self, just before he proposed to her.

I liked the whole idea of trying to resurrect a relationship, as it shows you cannot stop working for it, it is a constant battle of staying together, even if you do love your partner very much. Also it is a fresh change from the usual vulnerable and naïve new relationship, set in almost always a romantic setting.

Although, it would have been a good idea if there was a before and after the phone calls itseld , to show both of the different potential endings. So in a way you can kind of chose your own way of ending the story in your head, or the most suited.

Overall Rating: ***


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