Saturday, 29 August 2015

Ivy Lane and Appleby Farm by Cathy Bramley

Both of these two books are set within the same type of universe as each other. Where each of the main protagonists of the stories, have had an encounter, but also become very good friends. Tilly Parker is the first protagonist within Ivy Lane, set in the outskirts of Derbyshire, England. Which the main setting of the story is focused on the scenery of an allotment and the tight community that goes with it.

Ivy Lane is set out into four individual parts, which is each season of the year. Spring; Summer; Autumn and Winter. It follows the outsider, Tilly Parker, who has only just recently moved to Kingsfield through the one year and how she develops in confidence and her new found friendships.
The thing that i love out of both of these two books is that once you finish the book, you think that it is all over. But truly it is absolutely not! With recipes filled up to your eyeballs, you can relive the greatest moments of the book - food!

Appleby Farm is focused on the person called Freya, who was also introduced towards the end of the first book Ivy Lane. She discovers the farm that she grew up on, is facing financial difficultly. So she takes it in her stride to make sure that she can get it afloat again - she loves the challenge!

I believe though that Cathy Bramley has been able to improve her storytelling skills - as I found the second book, Appleby Farm much more enticing to read compared to the latter.

Overall Rating: **** 1/2 stars

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