Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Ridealong by Michaelbrent Collings

Sorry for such a long wait. I have been quite busy. But I am now delighted to inform you that I am now finished with exams for another year at least! So you know what this means... I can now dedicate much more time once again to my blog. This is my first review in a long line of them for now!
I'm trying something a little bit different to what I would normally review for books. But,  this has proven to become a refreshing change, as this book has really made me want to look more into this genre - beware! 

The antagonist is very creepy and sinister, something that I may experience in an nightmare, or even worst, from the corner of your eye or over your shoulder. Or even the pale figure that may jump at you, in the dark of the night.

I found in some parts of the story, it was very difficult to keep track of points which had significant changes. For instance, when there was all of a sudden the characters story changes unexpectedly. This has taken me a long time in which I was able to pick up what actually happened, and where and what they are planning to do next. But I carried on, and soon I was able to make sense of what scenario is playing out.

Although, I guess that I can be a softie, watching both father and daughter together as a team. I like the whole idea of Mel's relationship with her Dad. Maybe it is because I live with my Dad and my sisters myself, that I am really able to relate. This is always a good idea. As I think that you tend to see quite a lot of mother-daughter relationships, which can be quite boring sometimes as well. It is a time for a change!
I like the idea of a police officer and his daughter actually being chased. As it is something that you don't really see. It keeps you always on your toes, to see what is about to happen next. In this way, it is a good example of a Thriller. It is a stuff of nightmares, that I guess that everyone would never want to experience in reality.

Rating: *** 1/2 stars


See you next week when I will be looking at the new pile of books I have hardly touched yet - but soon to be, so that I can then review them for you all!



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