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Stake-Out by Lily Luchesi

Hi guys! We all know what the post is about this week. Last week I revealed to you the cover of Lily Luchesi's upcoming book. And there is no surprise to tell you that I will be reviewing it for you today.
So first of all, I want to remind you of what I have shown you last week:

The book itself consists of around 100 pages -- pretty short and sweet. I kind of liked it this way. Sometimes I find vampires very hard going and having it in a "never-ending" sort of book, really can take a toll. It was snappy in a way that gets to the point, which is brilliant compared to those books are "padded" out for the sake of it.

I like the idea where there is more than vampires. It focuses on a wide range of paranormal creatures, which have been weaved together effortlessly, into the story. Rather than placing all of them in the background to set the stage. It demonstrates the skill of being able to personify more than one character. Everyone has their individual personality…

Cover Reveal - Stake-Out by Lily Luchesi

I have the pleasure to show you the cover for the upcoming paranormal romance novel. Enter now, Stake-out by Lily Luchesi... 

Stake-Out, is Lily Luchesi's first book in the paranormal detective series. This is the cover reveal for the book which will be released on May 19th by Vamptasy Publishing. As you can see this cover is very intriguing. Personally, I like the colours that it actually has. It reminds me of a high in demand book that you may find on the Goodreads giveaways. (Well nothing beats a good Goodreads giveway!) The words used on the cover 'In a city overrun with the undead an ex cop is given a chance to get revenge'. This is very exciting. I love the prospect of paranormal genres, which suggest on the front of the main character which is trying to seek redemption. It is kind of thrilling as well as comforting at the same moment - in an odd sort of way! I've always been a sucker for the paranormal genre. I think that it has a wide range that we are all able …

Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan

'If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself.'

This is the new UK version of the Percy Jackson series. I don't really like it, I prefer the older version. Luckily I do have the old version!

Wise words from a wise author. From when Rick Riordan's first book, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief hit the bookshelves, we have never experienced such a huge phenomenon of fandoms across the world. I'm not going to stop there. Why is Percy so good? Well, let me tell you; are you ready to convert from Harry Potter?

Percy is based in the modern times, but of course, it has an extraordinary twist to the tale. There are Greek Gods (yes! meaning Zeus and Hades!) and Percy is right at the centre. He's a demigod. I hear you say, what does that mean? Well, it is only a person who has the DNA of both a god and a human. Wow! (I know now your checking if you're one yourself)

Unfortunately, species such as demigods have a very unlikely chance that they do e…