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Slated Trilogy by Teri Terry

“It is one thing to ask questions; what do you do with the answers?” This is one of the most mind-boggling quotes that I have ever come across. It sums the whole trilogy in one sentence and leaves you gasping for so much more. The fact that the series is also based in the genre of being a thriller/dystopian, also gives an atmosphere for mystery and excitement. Leaving you with more answers than you ever thought possible, to those impossible questions. I must be honest, the last book I read was last year - but don't let that fool you! When I first read the beginning chapter of the start of the whole trilogy, back in 2012, it has never happened for any book, that has somehow let me become so hungry for the next instalment. (Apart from worshipping Darren Shan's books, as a Shanster!) So your probably wondering what it is actually about! Don't worry, I'll tell you all gladly - trust me, I don't mind!  Publisher: Orchard BooksYear of Publish: May 3rd 2012Pages: 448Genres: Y…

The Jewel by Amy Ewing

I'm sure that most of you have heard about how there was an amazing astronomical event that happened yesterday in Europe. I was so lucky to experience the solar eclipse. I'm just so sad now that I won't be able to see it again like it for the next 11 years.
 Also one of the annoying parts about it was that you couldn't look directly at it, otherwise you vision will become bad. The problem is, with such light intensity, you can't help but look at it. (I may have accidently done it!)But all is not lost; at least in November I will be able to experience a partial lunar eclipse. And I don't need any special eye wear for it, because it happens in the night time!
The word for this week that is the most unique is: Syzygy -- I chose this word to correspond with the events that have happened this week in Europe. This means that with having three letters being Y, it is meant to describe a rare astronomical event (which in this case would be the solar eclipse), which would …

Touched Up Tour

So this is the second time that i have hosted a book blog tour. It only feels like five minutes since the last one. So what is the book of the hour? Well this this time it is a book called Touched up by Leo Dufresne.


No one should smile before the sun rises. On the happiness scale, content is about as good as you can get to in these dark hours. I wake early most every morning because content works for me. Since becoming a father of two, this tiny portion of the day is all the me-time I have left. If people were honest, which they mostly aren't, I think they would admit to wanting more time alone. It's 5:47 AM and I'm sitting quietly in the kitchen, where there are no responsibilities, no guilt, and no unmet expectations. Simply silence.

Mitch Pederson, a forty-something executive in the high-tech world, made no allowance for blackmail in his comprehensive plans to ascend to the top of an electronics company. His carefully ordered world quickly unravels into a chao…

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

I did enjoy this. I hope there will be a film adaptation in the near future. As there was quite a few themes that I was able to sink my teeth into. Truly marvellous!

The work of the week would have to be: kakorrhaphiophobia = meaning the fear of failure. To be honest I think I would fear failing to pronounce this word properly -- its far too long! 

Pages: 328

Year of Publish: April 2012

Genre: Young Adult, Romance

A big red girl moves into the neighbourhood, with her family which consists of a herd of younger siblings (she being the oldest out of the lot). This is where school fits in, with moving into a new house, also involves a new school, friends and a lot of bullies.When she enters the school bus for the first time, it becomes clear that all of the designated seats have been taken -- all accept one. A seat placed next to the only Asian kid on the bus, Park. Eventually by lots of small conversations and heap of mix tapes as well as comics, they fall in love as two young adolescents.


The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

For something new this year I have decided that it would be different to try out something new on the blog. Every week from now on I am going to find a word that I find to be interesting. So for this week the word is: denouement - the resolution of a mystery.
Publisher: Corgi Books

Pages: 593

Year it was Published: 2004

Places: Paris, London, England, RoslinOriginal Language: American English
So do you remember when I showed you my TBR pile of Dan Brown books? I am sure that you are thinking where they have all got to! Well the reason because of this is I wanted a change for a little while and I have loads of other books to get through - as well as the obvious blog tour and interview! Unfortunately there won't be a relentless amount of Dan Brown reviews for the time being, after this one. I have only just started The Lost Symbol and there are plenty other reviews that are for other books.

Plot SummaryFor the Robert Langdon series second instalment, it focuses upon a murder which happen…