Tuesday, 13 January 2015

When She Smiled by Ritoban Chakrabarti


Publisher: Ritoban Chakrabarti

Year it was Published: 30th November 2014

Pages: 234


Format: Ebook/Kindle

The Plot

It shows there to be a teenager called Roy who attends Physics classes, which is where he sees the most beautiful girl he has ever seen for the first time. This is the basis for the story and how he copes with how she is admired bu other boys as well as himself.

Throughout the story, Roy begins to get closer towards the beautiful girl called Akanksha becoming very good friends. But Roy wants more than that and purposely goes out of his way to make it much more than it already is. Eventually something then jepordises their relationship and the relationship that they do have, everything that they have done crumbles. While Roy tries his best to pick up the pieces.

My Criticisms

When reading this piece of fiction, in some places i found it quite difficult to read. Not because of the plot itself. Maybe it is more likely that it is the writing style used. On the contrary I found that the further I spent with the book i became more entranced. This is because of that the love that Roy felt was like a first love. I find these types of loves very interesting as it is very fragile, but if there was effort done on both sides it could be indestructible. The topic at hand shows that sometimes we can't get we want, but in fact what we actually need. This is clearly described with the final chapter of the book and shows the significance of something such as this, could change your life forever without you realising or intending it to be that way.

I also found that with the unfortunate events that played out in the story, it was simply torture. Especially when it seemed like lots of things went wrong for Roy, suddenly things got ten times worst. With this technique, I find this can be a fact of getting it right or completely wrong. In this case it shows that he has hit it straight on the nail, which made me want to progress more into the story.

It also shows that you do not need love at a young age. You find that it is more of a distraction rather than something pleasant. I did find the final chapter the best as it kind strung everything together concisely. I also felt that somehow there was some relevance to actual experiences. This highlights that it can be an everyday problem, but in the eyes of the beholder it can feel like it is once in a lifetime. It shows the emotions that everyone goes through and sometimes how to cope with their own failures of  their love lives.

Rating: ***


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