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Cover Reveal: Miranda's Rights by Lily Luchesi

So merry Christmas to all! With only Christmas Day finally on the horizon! I hope you all remember Lily Luchesi from earlier this year! Where I did a cover reveal and review. You would be glad to know now, that once again I have the priveledge to reveal the cover of the sequel to Stake Out and will be able to review in the new year!

Miranda’s Rights (Paranormal Detectives Book Two) by Lily Luchesi

The dead don’t always rest easy... Retired detective Danny Mancini is haunted by nightmares after he found out that paranormal creatures exist. All he wants is to forget them…especially a certain half-vampire. When cursed werewolves show up trying to kill him, he is forced to go back to the Paranormal Investigative Division for help against a powerful old enemy. What he was not expecting was a dead ex showing back up after twenty-six years.
My own view of the book itself is refreshing. Not only is it a sequel book to the story, Stake-out, but also that by the look of the cover this is definitely…

The Blood Of Olympus: The Heroes Of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Yes. I have finally made it. When receiving the book last year on the day that it was published, I was very excited, not only because it had more about my favourite demigods, but also it was signed by the author himself. But then I thought, do I really want to finish what I started so many years ago? The book universe which literally made me the person I am today - writing to you. That is why it took over a year to gain the courage to tell myself that it is ok to move on. To not be stuck in the past. Cherish the moments that you have now, and see how much of a person you have become in these last few years.

So, with my heart in my throat, I have decided to record and review the last Percy Jackson story that we will ever know there to be (except of course for the books which talk about Greek God's and Heroes). Right, just gathering my thoughts to tell you the final chapter. I guess you never know how difficult it is to give up your favourite characters, until the very end, where t…

The Heir by Kiera Cass

Sorry for the whole, leaving it for a month sort of thing. I've had a lot happening this past month, some more life-changing compared to some. So writing on this blog was put on a back burner for a while. This is also probably going to become a little bit of a thing though, now having so much more to cope with in my own life. Therefore i have been debating as to whether i should only post every fortnight. Because then not only will i be a bit more reliable but also, on some occassions there may be a bit more content compared to the weekly posts. I may even be able to talk about more than one book - if you are really lucky!

Anyway, let's get onto the review that you have been waiting patiently for!

This time i have been going back to my high piled TBR list and i picked a favourite as to which i have been wanting to read, since it was first published in May.

I love the cover itself. It is so individual to the protagonist of the story. Especially when this is the second protagon…

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

In the spirit of Doctor Who coming back today for series 9, I thought it would be a good idea to read a book on the theme of time travel - in some sort of form I guess!
So, I decided out of the many books that I have provided for me, why not go back to an author whose writing just rocks?!
Landline, is set in the Christmas period of 2013 and focuses on a married woman, who has a job of writing comedy for a living, with her best friend, Seth. But problems arise from her marriage with Neal and it becomes a holiday where she tries to understand where everything went wrong. This is where the "landline" comes into play, which is able to ring Neal up in the past and talk to his 17 year prior self, just before he proposed to her.
I liked the whole idea of trying to resurrect a relationship, as it shows you cannot stop working for it, it is a constant battle of staying together, even if you do love your partner very much. Also it is a fresh change from the usual vulnerable and naïve…

Ivy Lane and Appleby Farm by Cathy Bramley

Both of these two books are set within the same type of universe as each other. Where each of the main protagonists of the stories, have had an encounter, but also become very good friends. Tilly Parker is the first protagonist within Ivy Lane, set in the outskirts of Derbyshire, England. Which the main setting of the story is focused on the scenery of an allotment and the tight community that goes with it.
Ivy Lane is set out into four individual parts, which is each season of the year. Spring; Summer; Autumn and Winter. It follows the outsider, Tilly Parker, who has only just recently moved to Kingsfield through the one year and how she develops in confidence and her new found friendships.
The thing that i love out of both of these two books is that once you finish the book, you think that it is all over. But truly it is absolutely not! With recipes filled up to your eyeballs, you can relive the greatest moments of the book - food!
Appleby Farm is focused on the person called Freya, …

A Dragon's Guide to Slaying Virgins Tour

Review: Within the first few chapters of this book, I found that the main character, also known as Morgan is very strong and stands on her own two feet. The first chapter displays this very well when you can almost witness a side of sarcasm and fire. It can be seen as something ultimately different when looking at certain formulas that an author may use for their main. A refreshing change to the usual "wishy-washy" type of protagonists that we usually encounter within some popular books. Not going to mention any at this moment in time!
Other characters such as Heather are very likeable too, in their own individual ways. I found that as the story progressed I began to enjoy her character more.
The great part about this though was that even though it is in a middle of the Otherworld Realms series, you can easily be able to pick this book up and read it, without having to go back to the other books prior. Not only do I find this a good quality that this author does have, but …

Happy 1st Birthday, Crossing Pixies!!

Yep, it has rolled to that time of the year where everything first began. A concept, rather than a figment in reality.

So how did this all start? Well, to put it simply, I wanted something better; something more innovative (well, I'm slowly getting to that point) and I wanted to prove myself that I could stick at something. As well as including my passion for the love of books!

But what is Crossing Pixies' story? It all began in the second week of the 2014 summer holidays, on a Tuesday, which was the basis for most of my post history.

Weirdly enough, if you were here reading this blog from the start, Crossing Pixies itself has had a lot of faces. In more ways than one. It had a lot of different names within the first few months. Some that even I can't exactly remember! But the name that I do remember was the first -- The Big Book Marathon. Which now looking back I realise that it's not the easiest to find a name.

The main concept was to review books for a single year.…

The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

I know guys. It has taken a hell of a long time to actually be able to present a review for this book. But finally it is actually happening, after buying back in October last year.  When I first bought this book back in the October for a really good price, I didn't realise that the target market was for children. But obviously, looking back at it now, how could it have been any different? When in the motion of choosing this book at the time, I must be honest, the only thing back then that I cared about was the illustrative cover. Although, this taught me a well-deserved lesson; don't always judge a book by it's cover - cliché. Apart from the simplistic lexical choices that both of these authors have used, the story itself is very easy to understand. There was even some illustrations at every chapter, which if you read my type of books on a daily basis, it can, in some ways be quite refreshing. Not always having to rely on the smallest imagination that I probably do actual…

Ice Kissed by Amanda Hocking

The sequel to Frostfire in the Kanin Chronicles trilogy... So it finally came out in May, after the very disappointing ending of the first book - Frostfire. But this time it came back with a slightly big bang. Not only do we get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance of Queen Linnea. But also that there is something much more going on, which corruption fills the air with a metal taste. The plot itself is largely more focused compared to the latter first book, which really only took us in the direction in terms of background and context. There is a lot more heated passion between a few characters, as well as some expected deaths towards the end. Luckily with this trilogy, all of the three books take place of being published within 2015. Therefore, it is not a long wait until we all find out how Bryn would end up. Towards the end of the book, I must admit that I found it to become very addictive. As there was a lot of tension and action which took place. This is probably what I l…

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

I know that this has been a review which has been a long time in the making. Especially when I received the books back in August last year. So I guess, that is quite a long time. But as some of you may already know, they all pack a punch as to how big they all are in pages! So, to put you all out of your misery, here is the long-awaited review for 'The Lost Symbol'. YAY!

The main plotline is based around the organisation called the Freemasons, which throughout the years have had quite a bit of controversy. Not because they may have done something immoral, but rather that no one really knows what they actually do - except for Freemasons of course. People say that they are a secret organisation. But, that is completely and utterly incorrect. They are simply an organisation with secrets. Otherwise if they are a secret organisation, why do people know that Freemasonry actually exists, rather than a conspiracy?

Anyway, onto the review I go!

The omniscient narrator had a monotone vo…

The Ridealong by Michaelbrent Collings

Sorry for such a long wait. I have been quite busy. But I am now delighted to inform you that I am now finished with exams for another year at least! So you know what this means... I can now dedicate much more time once again to my blog. This is my first review in a long line of them for now! I'm trying something a little bit different to what I would normally review for books. But,  this has proven to become a refreshing change, as this book has really made me want to look more into this genre - beware! 
The antagonist is very creepy and sinister, something that I may experience in an nightmare, or even worst, from the corner of your eye or over your shoulder. Or even the pale figure that may jump at you, in the dark of the night.
I found in some parts of the story, it was very difficult to keep track of points which had significant changes. For instance, when there was all of a sudden the characters story changes unexpectedly. This has taken me a long time in which I was able to…

Birthday Talk!

Hello. I'm finally back! As some people may already know, I was unable to post last week. To be straight up and honest, it was because of the fact that I had a lot of exams to revise for this week. Which I am now glad to officially announce that I have to only face one left.

There was also a big momentous occasion that took place this Thursday. It was my 18th birthday at last. So to celebrate this, I want to show you all the relevant cake that I had received from my Auntie, which she actually made herself. All the credit goes to her!

I know that you cannot really read the text from the picture, but from what I have analysed (yes, using those fancy words!) it is a diary of Annie, Darren Shan's younger sister in the Saga of Darren Shan. Which, for those people who know me very well, I love this series and have read it over five times. The best story to contribute in celebrating me turning an adult! The smell of the cake is absolutely amazing, which I haven't decided to bite …

June TBR

As it is the first of the month, I realised that I haven't actually given you any updates on the latest and greatest new books that I have recently bought. And trust me there is quite a few!

I'll give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson:

I love the colour of the book jacket. When first discovering this treasure I was probably more interested in how all of the pages have been spray-painted in my favourite colour, yellow. But when looking at the blurb on the reverse, I became very intrigued. As by many people, I prefer a blurb that tells me quite a bit about what is the story, although, with this book it is very vague and is summed up in as few as two to three sentences. The mystery of what might happen is very exciting! The Heir by Kiera Cass:                                              This book I guess is very special to this blog. Not only is it the fourth chapter in the selection series, that from many fans, never thought they would be able to see the light of day for this instalment…

Frostfire by Amanda Hocking

It is back to Amanda Hocking this week, with her new book that I have recently been talking about, when reviewing her other series, the Trylle Trilogy. Although, this book is now in a new series, but set in the same universe. It is called the Kanin Chronicles...

I must admit, when actually owning the book, the cover is very enchanting and beautiful. How for instance, the main character and protagonist, Bryn Aven, is at the centre of attention, with her coat covered in red. Whereas in the background, it is very muted colours, with the whites and blacks, but also having a sort of wonderland type of presence. Red to me also makes me feel quite uncomfortable and moreover is a colour for danger.

So, onto the criticisms then! First of all, I don't know why but I felt a little bit out of place with this new world. Maybe it is because I read the other series in the same universe, I may have gotten used to them far too much. So when there are old characters appearing and being mentioned i…

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield

Hello everybody. I have found the book this week to be very abstract in many ways. Here is my reasons why in the review below. Honestly when I bought this book on a whim, I genuinely did not have any high expectations. But I must say that with the concept of how Mr Westerfield had created two very different stories, but so alike in so many ways, I was impressed. The characters were strong with their own unique problems to their lives. I liked  the idea in which the book started with a bang, which from then on forth, I became intrigued to how the next chapter would plan out. The chapters itself are very unique in how it has been constructed. With each chapter alternating between fictional reality, with the young author, Darcy Patel and changing to the character from the universe that Darcy had created, Lizzie. The problems that I found difficult was though, as because it had a continuation of alternating chapters all of the time, I found it sometimes hard to keep up with what one charact…

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Hi guys. This week its all about fairy tales. Everyone who was younger loved the concept of being read a good fairy-tale. This one is slightly different. With the original Grimm fairy-tale as the starting point, Cinderella is taken into a dystopian future. Where both the plague and discrimination run rife. But also with the consequences after a deadly post-war world.
When I first bought this book, I guess that I was hypocritical. The concept of using our favourite princess tale, has not indeed had only one makeover. It is in a constant state to be adapted to something else, in many media forms. I think that I just had about enough with it. But, when I first read the starting chapter, my anxieties and annoyance flushed away in an instant. This is not a normal fairy-tale. It appeals to an older audience, which can sometimes be so vexing in situations like, Disney. It is a perfect Young Adult book, and I am thankful that it has been interpreted for a wider audience, rather than little gir…

Sunburn by Darren Dash

This is the cover of the recently published book "Sunburn" by Darren Dash (yes, it actually does feature a character getting burnt), which was published earlier than expected on the 1st May.
This truly seems like a momentous event. This author has probably influenced my reading patterns the most, since I first picked up a book just for leisure. He is truly an inspirational guy.