Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Unbreakable Code

I found now with reading the second one-off thriller books, that they have very similar qualities. I know, they are done by the exact same author. But just think, why is there always a person in a certain role to take the antagonist side? Well, just a thought anyway. So i hope you have all been sound this last week, because this week i'm taking you back to Dan Brown with his book 'Digital Fortress'. Whoo hoo! All in a days work. Sorry about before, i think i was in a deep idea of thought- i sometimes do that, like most people. But never mind that, you didn't click on this page to hear me babble on about myself- oh no. It's time for the big judgement and whether your in the right mind to try it out afterwards!

Genre: Conspiracy, Thriller
Publisher: Corgi
Year Of Publish: First published 1998
Pages: 512
Of course this would be the UK version. But would you be able to break the unbreakable code?

So i bet you're wondering what is this all about? Well, to start there is a Agency within the US Government called the NSA (National Security Agency but called by some characters by No Such Agency, as it is all hush hush) a woman called Susan Fletcher is called in because there is a unbreakable code which threatens to take the NSA hostage, by a man called Ensei Takado. Of course there is going to be disaster over disaster and soon she will fight for the man that she loves in the end. (i don't really wan't to spoilt it anymore for those who actually do want to read it without my review)

My initial thoughts towards the whole idea of this second book is that, well, it's not really focusing upon the writing style, but more upon the facts. Sorry if you may think differently, but to me it is the truth. The writing style seems to be very, how can i put this, dry. I wasn't very motivated to read it. Which as well, when there is a chase scene in the middle of the book, there were so many chapters dedicated to it, i couldn't wait for it all to end. Simples. (As the meerkat once said) It's just unfortunate as there is a huge focus upon what they are riding and using the actual idea of the plot just fails completely. To be honest it makes me wonder now, making sense that compared to some of the books made into films, i'm so glad it wasn't optioned for one itsself.

Now i look back at this, i feel very guilty as i haven't put a huge amount of positives if any. So therefore i think that the good parts to this is that well there is more to what meets the eye of our own Governments. We probably suspect more that is true without realising, because of the fact that they always deny the truth. This is a good example of something that we miss right in front of us, without actually realising; which they plant on purpose. Overall i give the whole piece of work a 3 stars. I know i have been rating a lot of books at the moment 3 stars it's just i haven't found anything that has actually wowed me recently. In due time i guess.

See you this time next week. Until then, keep calm and carry on.
P.s. I am really excited about the upcoming book 'Heroes Of Olympus: The Blood Of Olympus' which is making it'd first appearance in bookstores today. Make sure you grab the last ever Percy Jackson book. Hopefully it will be a good one! Just Nico, don't die okay?

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