Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Tragic Salesman

I did tell you that you'll be in for this. But I guess you didn't know that it would be so soon. A play. Wonderful. By the Arthur Miller. Don't be sad, even though it may not be contemporary, or even a novel of sorts, doesn't mean that it won't be good. Because it is brilliant. The themes include: betrayal, abandonment, the american dream and so forth.

The author himself, Arthur Miller used to be a salesman himself, so this may have been a connection to why he chose a title and synopsis to this. Also another unusual fact is that at one point he was actually married to Marilyn Monroe, how cool is that? Obviously it probably wasn't for such a long time, as throughout her life, she was married to quite a few men. Anyway, back onto the subject of the book, here comes the "meat" of the review.( I'm not trying to offend vegetarians! So don't take that personally!)

Genre: Tragedy
Publisher: Penguin Classics
Year Of Publish: Reprinted in 2000

Such a tragic way to die...

The play itself is very short, easy to understand. But of course a play of this brilliance should never be written down, it should be performed. I myself would love to see this live now, it would definitely brighten up my life. Even though it does have tragic themes. But that is not the point I'm trying to put across. Its the fact that when such a masterpiece has been written, it cannot lay around picking up dust, it should be played for all to see. So that is something without a doubt, I will be looking out for when it comes and plays near me!

My main rating for the overall product would have to be 4 stars. You must be jumping for joy right now because its he first time in a while that I have rated more than 3 stars. Sometimes I even surprise myself! But I think this a well deserved amount as it is extremely thought provoking. I think that it is time up for this week.

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