Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Female Assassin?!

Throughout the whole of this past week, I have been enclosed in the world of fantasy and of course female assassins! I'm sorry, but it seems to me now that since I have played on the Assassin Creed games, somehow having female lead assassins seem next to nonexistent. Which is okay I guess. But it is always good to broaden those horizons. I'm not against women being lead characters; really I don't care. As long as they have a strong lead and not annoying to read I'm very happy. Extremely happy in fact. But hey, why am I talking on about society? I am and I'm sure you are more interested in how this book worked out.

Genre: Fantasy,Dystopian
Publisher: Bloomsbury

When having that good old session of reading, I felt a few vibes coming out of it. I'm not sure if some readers have felt the same way but it was like there was a bit of the Hunger Games, The Selection as well as the classic Grimms tale of Cinderella. There was a bit of a love triangle as well as a bit of action, which is completely fine as long as there is a good balance between them. Which I guess there was.

I give it overall a 3.5 stars well it's more than the rating usually is. So that is good. It was quite hard to get into during the start and when you actually buy the book, rather than get it from the local library, ypy kind of have to read it. Otherwise what is the point in buying it? The story itself is like there was a girl who is the assassin but she was caught. Her punishment for this is to work down in the mines, until she gets called to go into a competition to become the Kings champion. It kinda shows the progression of her journey and how she overcomes hurdles throughout the whole concept of the competition during the plot. I may get the next book in the series but I'm not so sure yet, as I have plenty of other books to read as well as commitments. But hey, you never know in the near future I could be reviewing the next book in the saga!

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