Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Troll Queens

When i first decided that i was going to buy this book, it was a choice between the idea of City Of Bones or some other trending book- which somehow i can't remember! I understand that you are probably shouting at the screen right now saying, "How could you? How could you pass up City Of Bones?" I will tell you why. The problem that i have is that i love signed copies, and i'm sure many of you will agree with me on this. So when i saw a signed copy of "Switched" by Amanda Hocking, there was no comparison to the latter. Hopefully you understand- please don't be mad with me!

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Publisher: Tor

This is the first book in the trilogy. It is the adult version. Did you know that there is a young adult and  adult version? Well you learn something new everyday!!

Compared to other books that I have read to "Switched", " Torn" and "Ascend" there has been way (and I mean way) better prose than this trilogy. Most of the time the author reused quite a lot of words throughout, including " surveyed" and "foxy". After a while it gets a bit on your nerves. Trust me soon you will be asking on whether that is the only vocabulary she actually knows. Sounds quite harsh, but if you don't believe me try it out for yourself!

This trilogy includes trolls which don't really look like trolls, more like humans. Also there are quite a lot of humans featured, to be honest the trolls might has well have been humans themselves there is not much difference. It also features royal families, which is probably the main focus upon this trilogy throughout. The main character always seems to be arguing with another character just for the sake of it. Even the other characters seem to get fed up with this after a while. It seems crazy because she doesn't understand why they avoid her in some parts of it. I don't blame them!

If you are wondering what this story line is supposed to look like, here is one of its book trailer above:

I think out of the whole "Trylle" trilogy, I would give the overall rating of 3.5 stars. This is because of the fact that the story line was not so brilliant and it was very predictable. But it was also as it didn't feel like a book that should have been published. But if it was just to be an ebook or inside the newspaper as an article it would probably be most passable for me. This is because of the idea of how i don't understand how a publisher was able to pass such bad prose. I thought this was where they decide whether they would look further into publishing a certain book. I don't know maybe it is just me being stupid! Or maybe they just want to exploit her huge success so they don't care about that sort of stuff. But don't ask me, i guess that i don't work in that field!

So what do i think about the new "Kanin Chronicles" that has just been recently announced? Well, i guess you probably know where most of this is going to go, as i have expressed quite a lot of my feelings already. My main thoughts at this moment in time suggest is this going to be very similar to the last? Maybe it is just a way to get more money out of innocent readers. Although, on the other hand this could be the changing point in this spin off, maybe this is what the doctor ordered! But who knows, only time will tell! I'm sorry if i may have offended some readers (i completely respect your views on whether you like it or not) after all i have already forewarned saying that it is going to be as critical as i want it to be!  

This is the first book cover "Frostfire" to the "Kanin Chronicles"  for those who want to know so badly what it is going to look like!

Until next time faithful readers have a fantastic week!

P.S. Next week i will be tackling showers with "The Rain"

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