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"The Demonata" from "The Master Of Horror"

Hello, it's that time again where I become that tough critic. So, you probably already know what book I will be reviewing- after all it's in the title! This time I was reading one of my favourite authors work, the Demonata series.

Genre: Children's Horror
Publisher: HarperCollins

Brief synopsis of the story so far:
Book one: The first book, was named "Lord Loss" this was probably because of the idea of one of the main villains introduced into the series, and is the rival towards the end of the main character of this book- Grubbs. Weird name Grubbs, isn't it? To be honest when I first learned his name, I wasn't too keen, but then I thought it wouldn't be Darren Shan if it wasn't strange.

Book two: Focused on another character called Kernel Fleck, in the book "Demon Thief". Which again the title does have great meaning which will tie into the plot. I'm not going to tell you what actually happened, so I don't ruin it for those who do want to pick up that book. Anyway, it was nice to see refreshing new characters, in a new writing style than the usual. Its also where the Disciples are first introduced as well as the Kah-Gash.

Book three:It was then that he wrote the book called "Bec" which is named after the new main character within the book. Making it up to three main characters within the whole series. This was slightly different to the last two as it is set 1600 years before the other two exist. She is meant to be a trainee priestess and is therefore the first person out of the three characters who withhold the Kah-Gash. She also makes a young friend called Bran- which if you are coming up to this book, you would be glad to know you will see him later on in the series!

Book four:Once again this book comes back to the eye-witness account from Grubbs Grady, in the title named by Darren as "Slawter". Just by the title it suggests quite a lot. Although this book is set to be that he is on a film set with his uncle, Dervish as the consultant as well as his best friend Bill-E. This book makes the series vary a little by the normal scenery of the Demonata universe and trying to find a way on how to destroy it.

Book five: Is the account of young Grubbs Grady in the title named as "Blood Beast". As you may have noticed Mr Shan is very good at making all of his titles relevant to the plot. This book focuses more on the fact of Grubbs being affect by the "Grady Curse" and well I better not let too much slip away. There is also a jaw-dropping cliff-hanger to the book, so watch out!

Book six: This book, named by Mr Shan was called " Demon Apocalypse" this is set exactly after the cliff-hanger, so that is a relief to those who don't like them. Once again it focuses upon Grubbs point of view. We also get to see old characters in the book from earlier on in the series. But be aware, the ending is going to be emotional!

Book seven: Named "Death's Shadow" and is written in the point of view of the girl Bec and focusing on how she copes with the modern world, as well as facing up to those who don't like her or trust her either. Once again, remember to keep your tissues out there is no way out of it, there is going to be tears for those characters in that story.

Book eight: It is near to the end and everything that they do is becoming desperate. Watch out for Grubbs Grady, because he will be making an unexpected transformation. "Wolf Island" is where Grubbs leads a group of disciples, Meera Flame and Shark to find out who made the wolves attack Dervish's house.

Book nine: You know for a fact that the end is nigh, so I found this quite depressing with the fact of some of the events which take place within this book. This time the voice is presented in the voice of Kernel and what happened to him after a certain event from another book before this one. It goes back to the very beginning and assesses how big the damage the universe actually is in. The book's name is called "Dark Calling".

This is the book for "Dark Calling" for those who are interested on reading up this story this point in the series.

Book ten: The end. Hell's Heroes, very interesting... When I first saw the book and looked at the blurb, it looked indeed very sinister, especially this, 'The Disciples are falling. The Demons are crossing. The Shadow is waiting. Welcome to the end.' This is very powerful, instantly I wanted to know what the conclusion would be. The conclusion itself is very unpredicted, but when I do look back at it all, it couldn't have happened any other way. So overall, I would give this series a 4 Stars.

The original cover of the final book, "Hell's Heroes". Welcome to the end...

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