Tuesday, 26 August 2014

On The Chopping Block!

I know that I have already done Darren Shan, but this is one of the last books that I will be reading his works- except for the particular Zom-B novels that are still be published at this exact moment in time. The Zom-B novels will be the last review I will be doing of Darren Shan myself, unless I allow someone else to guest blog and do one of his other sagas. So the sooner that I get this all done the better I guess for you the reader. But just to be clear, I love this writer so much that I have read over 34 books of his- I think that I am obsessed!

Genre: Horror, Dystopian
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year Of Publish: 2010

This is my book of "The Thin Executioner" and is presented for those who don't mind a quest in an unfriendly environment, as well as some confusing names to remember!

It is said that in which through some of his interviews, that he prefers this work compared to his others that he wrote. Although, he may be different now, with the fact of how many new series he has published and drafts he may have in store for the future!

Well if i was to be straight and honest, this is definitely not my favourite book that he has written in my opinion. I found that it was deeply depressing, especially with how Jebel and Tel seemed to run into bad luck a lot over their travels. Although, I must admit, the ending seemed very honourable in how the character developed. Really, I thought that I wasn't going to be able read that far. It talked a lot about religion and how many bad people are in the world. Very ethical! Usually i love those types of texts!

As for the rating, i thought that it was around about 3 stars for me. I don't think i have been generous or harsh on this. But i probably raised the rating a little, as i may feel like any less would be a betrayal to my favourite author.

Well that is about it from my Birthday book pile; including The Demonata Series, The Thin Executioner and Shattered by Teri Terry. Next time i will be talking about my September TBR! So look out for that, i have some famous works that i haven't read which i will be able to tell you about.

 For the time being, have a good week and remember to read!

Kiki Hempell

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