Hi, I'm Kiki.

This blogs main purpose is for writing reviews for all types of genres of books. My main objective is to help you the reader, decide on what future books you might want to read. Without trying to give too much away! Or have read it, but want someone else's opinion.

I am a optimistic reader who has always found it exciting to share my thoughts and feelings about certain books. So sit back, relax and I will be the one who tells you the do's and don'ts of what to read over the coming reviews!

I have decided that there will be no guest bloggers on this site. So there will strictly only be one post fortnightly on Saturdays. Usually the new post will go live at about 7am BST. This may change unexpectedly due to commitments, but will still be posted fortnightly.

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  1. Hi,

    I found your blog through Book Blogger List website and would request a book review on
    a newly released book named "When She Smiled" (launched on Kindle only).

    Please let me know your shipping address so I can send
    the physical copy at your address.

    Or, if there is an email address where I can email the book PDF.

    Below is some information related to the book:

    Title of the Book: When She Smiled
    Author Name: Ritoban Chakrabarti
    Genre: Young Adult (YA), Romance
    Age Bracket : 13-25
    Page Count/Length : 232 Pages

    Book Synopsis:
    Mrityunjoy Roy is a fifteen year old Bengali who has spent the last ten years of his life growing up in Shimla, India. While his family is completely academically oriented, he wants something more. Finally he meets Akanksha in school, who turns his world upside down with her gorgeous looks and mind boggling smile. As fate would have it, she joins his tuition, and thus begins the torrid year of puppy love, romance, heartbreak, tragedy, and self discovery. Set among the scenic Shivalik hills of Shimla when mobile phones and internet were non-existent, this is a story of how an average young teenager comes to terms with his destiny.

    Amazon Page: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QFXTPL6

    Do let me know if you need any more information related to the book.

    I will look forward to your wonderful response.

    Thank You

  2. My email is nishagarg@markace.com