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An Astronaut's Guide To Life On Earth: Life Lessons From Space by Chris Hadfield

I usually hate non-fiction so very much. I tend to find it utterly boring as well as depressing. But with this book it is completely different. It stands on it's own two feet by being irregular and unique in my eyes. It's inspirational. He's a role model to anyone who has met him, read him or seen him on YouTube singing 'Space Oddity'.

Here is the YouTube that he recorded on the ISS of Space Oddity if you haven't already seen it. But seriously who hasn't? Anyway if you have seen it, why not see it again? It is really good.

Anyway, the book itself, is a very good example with motivating people to aspire to what they really want to do. Rather than just simply dreaming of their dream, he is saying to put those words into actions and finally into reality. But not only that, if you don't exactly get to the place as to which you really want to strive to be, that's ok. It doesn't mean that you are a failure. No one is a true failure, unless you don'…