Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Heir by Kiera Cass

Sorry for the whole, leaving it for a month sort of thing. I've had a lot happening this past month, some more life-changing compared to some. So writing on this blog was put on a back burner for a while. This is also probably going to become a little bit of a thing though, now having so much more to cope with in my own life. Therefore i have been debating as to whether i should only post every fortnight. Because then not only will i be a bit more reliable but also, on some occassions there may be a bit more content compared to the weekly posts. I may even be able to talk about more than one book - if you are really lucky!

Anyway, let's get onto the review that you have been waiting patiently for!

This time i have been going back to my high piled TBR list and i picked a favourite as to which i have been wanting to read, since it was first published in May.

I love the cover itself. It is so individual to the protagonist of the story. Especially when this is the second protagonist in the Selection series. It shows Eadlyn's unique character, compared to her mother's, America, whose story was covered within the first three books. I also love the blend of colours that have been used, with the grey, blue and purple. It really sets off the difference between the first three books compared to now. Also, with having the model on the cover hold a tiara, it shows the progession as to what type of lives the main family in the story has.

My overall fondness for Eadlyn took a while. The fact that she was not willing to co-operate at all with the selection, got me a little up tight. Especially, as she has the spirit like her mother from the first book. But we all love the selection and what types of romance may come out of it. So as she would not co-operate in this event, the plot dragged along for quite a while. But it only felt like once things were really turning pear-shaped she finally started to understand as to what the selection is all about. Although, it does seem like she is a bit selfish to take that long to put her duty before her dignity first.

The suitors that entered into the selection all seemed to have very interesting personalities. When i say this, it means that many of the suitors were very strong. So if i was in the position of chosing like her, i would never know who to chose. Because i believe they all had their admirable qualities in their own special ways. Hopefully things will start to narrow down in the final and fifth book of the series!

Overall Rating: *** and 3/4


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