Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

I know guys. It has taken a hell of a long time to actually be able to present a review for this book. But finally it is actually happening, after buying back in October last year.
 When I first bought this book back in the October for a really good price, I didn't realise that the target market was for children. But obviously, looking back at it now, how could it have been any different? When in the motion of choosing this book at the time, I must be honest, the only thing back then that I cared about was the illustrative cover. Although, this taught me a well-deserved lesson; don't always judge a book by it's cover - cliché.
Apart from the simplistic lexical choices that both of these authors have used, the story itself is very easy to understand. There was even some illustrations at every chapter, which if you read my type of books on a daily basis, it can, in some ways be quite refreshing. Not always having to rely on the smallest imagination that I probably do actually have.
I liked how towards the end you really see twists and turns that in my eyes, were quite baffling. I guess that is what makes this book so great. Usually I can easily predict as to what is going to happen at some part in the book. But the twists that they have incorporated within this book, well, it is very shocking (a WTF moment - sorry for the bad language, but it is the only as to how I would be able to explain it!).
The only real major problems for me though is that some of the characters names became a little confusing. And if you are a reader like me who likes to read more than one book at a time, can be very difficult to plunge yourself back into the story. But once having a long reading session, it all came back to me in some way or another!
They have already announced that there will be a sequel to this book in September, which I am glad to tell you that, without a doubt I will be participating in buying and reading book 2.

Rating: ****





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