Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sunburn by Darren Dash

This is the cover of the recently published book "Sunburn" by Darren Dash (yes, it actually does feature a character getting burnt), which was published earlier than expected on the 1st May.

This truly seems like a momentous event. This author has probably influenced my reading patterns the most, since I first picked up a book just for leisure. He is truly an inspirational guy.

The cover itself is very sinister. The mix of reds and oranges as well as the sun connotes that the sun plays an antagonising role in the story. Maybe even a factor to all of the characters downfall. The simplicity makes it very intriguing as well as making it feel very uncomforting. Simple but well executed.

This demonic masterpiece does not fail to disappoint even the most biggest of horror fans. Set in a perfect setting, the characters are strong, that even the smallest mistake they make can be very vexing.

It focuses on three characters: Dominic; Curran and Martini. Who despite it all, have flaws, which influences the way how the plot is driven.

It features the idea of all three of them going to Bulgaria for a holiday, which Martini has picked this time. As she believes that they should go on a holiday which they don't always need to go drinking every time. Also as she thinks that they are getting older for those type of holidays.

The antagonist figure itself is very sickly and upsetting. Almost the perfect figure to terrorise in a nightmarish dream. You're worst nightmare. Nothing that I would ever like to come across in the light of day.

My final thought is that now after reading this, it makes me deeply intrigued as to his other book "The Evil and the Pure" and how Darren Dash has tackled this work. Now, don't be surprised if I'll be reviewing it in the near future!

Rating: *****


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