Saturday, 23 May 2015

Frostfire by Amanda Hocking

It is back to Amanda Hocking this week, with her new book that I have recently been talking about, when reviewing her other series, the Trylle Trilogy. Although, this book is now in a new series, but set in the same universe. It is called the Kanin Chronicles...

I must admit, when actually owning the book, the cover is very enchanting and beautiful. How for instance, the main character and protagonist, Bryn Aven, is at the centre of attention, with her coat covered in red. Whereas in the background, it is very muted colours, with the whites and blacks, but also having a sort of wonderland type of presence. Red to me also makes me feel quite uncomfortable and moreover is a colour for danger.

So, onto the criticisms then! First of all, I don't know why but I felt a little bit out of place with this new world. Maybe it is because I read the other series in the same universe, I may have gotten used to them far too much. So when there are old characters appearing and being mentioned in places, I kind of felt like I wanted to know what happened and what was happening at that moment in time, for people like Wendy and Loki.

Also, maybe Hocking has already overused the idea of forbidden romance. While it is very nice, it kind of feels repeated when that was the main plot line in the Trylle Trilogy. So in some ways, it kind of feels like she is selling the same book all over again, but instead with a different and more attractive cover.

 Luckily we do although get to hear a little bit more about Finn's sister, Ember and what she is doing at this moment in time. Which is kind of a refreshing change, when there was little mentioned in the other trilogy. Also, this time it focuses more upon the lower level of the hierarchy, which is always nice to see when, for example you see the royal family getting a lot of the air time.

At the end of the day, there wasn't much action than I would have hoped. So when it eventually got a bit heated, the book ended. The annoyance!

Overall Rating: **
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  1. Hm, I don't know if I want to read this. I didn't like the Watersong series, but apparently Trylle is supposed to be her best work. I had no idea that this is set in the same universe, so I guess I'll have to read the trylle series first. Just like you I was intrigued by the cover and initially planned to buy that series first. :/

    1. Hi.
      My advice would definitely have to be trying out the trylle trilogy first, like you have mentioned. It focuses more on the royal family of one of the troll tribes, but in some ways is faster paced.
      Although, I cannot judge the whole Kanin series based on one book, I have bought the new one 'Ice Kissed' but I haven't started it yet. It may be much better than the first instalment.
      No matter what you do, I am sure that you will pick the right choice.
      ~ Kiki