Saturday, 9 May 2015

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Hi guys. This week its all about fairy tales. Everyone who was younger loved the concept of being read a good fairy-tale. This one is slightly different. With the original Grimm fairy-tale as the starting point, Cinderella is taken into a dystopian future. Where both the plague and discrimination run rife. But also with the consequences after a deadly post-war world.

When I first bought this book, I guess that I was hypocritical. The concept of using our favourite princess tale, has not indeed had only one makeover. It is in a constant state to be adapted to something else, in many media forms. I think that I just had about enough with it.
But, when I first read the starting chapter, my anxieties and annoyance flushed away in an instant. This is not a normal fairy-tale. It appeals to an older audience, which can sometimes be so vexing in situations like, Disney. It is a perfect Young Adult book, and I am thankful that it has been interpreted for a wider audience, rather than little girls that want to be princesses. It's nothing like that; I am glad.

I like the idea that Meyer has also incorporated other fairy-tale characters, which will progressively become regular, with each book that goes along. This is then that you get to see different sides of the story and the other characters from within it. From what I believe, each book focuses upon a separate fairy-tale character. Cinder for Cinderella; Scarlett for Red Riding Hood; Cress for Rapunzel and finally the upcoming Winter for Snow White.

There is also concepts such as having Sci-fi elements within it. Like for instance, how there are royal families on the moon as well as the Earth itself, including some very well known royal families but in the future. This is how we can then relate to how it is  now in the present, but also what might happen in the future.
Genuinely I think that this is a book which really makes you focus upon what matters in life. The problems that other people may have to face, as well as really going deep down into issues which no matter what era it is, never changes.
This book has now made me very excited for the next book ,Scarlet. I'm also hoping to find out a bit more about Cinder in the next few books in the series. How I do love a good dystopian!
Rating: *****


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