Saturday, 16 May 2015

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield

Hello everybody. I have found the book this week to be very abstract in many ways. Here is my reasons why in the review below.
Honestly when I bought this book on a whim, I genuinely did not have any high expectations. But I must say that with the concept of how Mr Westerfield had created two very different stories, but so alike in so many ways, I was impressed.
The characters were strong with their own unique problems to their lives. I liked  the idea in which the book started with a bang, which from then on forth, I became intrigued to how the next chapter would plan out.
The chapters itself are very unique in how it has been constructed. With each chapter alternating between fictional reality, with the young author, Darcy Patel and changing to the character from the universe that Darcy had created, Lizzie.
The problems that I found difficult was though, as because it had a continuation of alternating chapters all of the time, I found it sometimes hard to keep up with what one character may be doing in their plot line. This was because as I guess I was trying to focus more on the single character, which halfway through chapters I had finally settled with their individual stories. Then only a few pages later, the chapter changed, then having to remember the latter characters story and what they were doing at that moment in time.
But my final thoughts is that it is a thoroughly enjoyable piece, and if you like thrillers and being transported into mysterious realms of discovery.
Overall Rating: ***


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