Saturday, 14 March 2015

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

I did enjoy this. I hope there will be a film adaptation in the near future. As there was quite a few themes that I was able to sink my teeth into. Truly marvellous!

The work of the week would have to be: kakorrhaphiophobia = meaning the fear of failure. To be honest I think I would fear failing to pronounce this word properly -- its far too long! 

Pages: 328

Year of Publish: April 2012

Genre: Young Adult, Romance

A big red girl moves into the neighbourhood, with her family which consists of a herd of younger siblings (she being the oldest out of the lot). This is where school fits in, with moving into a new house, also involves a new school, friends and a lot of bullies.When she enters the school bus for the first time, it becomes clear that all of the designated seats have been taken -- all accept one. A seat placed next to the only Asian kid on the bus, Park. Eventually by lots of small conversations and heap of mix tapes as well as comics, they fall in love as two young adolescents.

For a young adult book, it contains a sense of vulnerability and naivety, that is called a first love romance. As a girl such as Eleanor facing several implications in her own personal life, the concept of having Park as a love interest, not only develops her overall confidence but also her character. Park himself, is a lovely character, which slowly shows the gentle and kind character he has. And in the end what he would do for love. 

I loved this book it truly is raw and an inspirational story, which could easily be read for many generations. It is definitely an eye opener.

For the ratings, I would give it: **** stars
Well done Rainbow Rowell, for this amazing book. I can't wait for your next book to come out soon!


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