Tuesday, 3 February 2015

MOMO by Kevin M. Kraft

What to say? MOMO is truly a piece of literature which you can define by it's first page. It is easy to read and I can even go as far to say that I would probably suggest this to a non reader audience. Not nessarsarily because of the themes or anything like that. But more about the writing style. Sometimes I find with literature it is quite difficult to understand what is meant to be going on, with things such as description and their technical lexical semantic fields. But with MOMO, I literally enjoyed the part that the language is simplified compared to other things that I have read.

 It is kind of a refreshing change to be honest. If you do fancy trying something different, try out this, it is a complete difference to the usual things people read nowadays, and to be honest I think we need something more like this. Sometimes when you read a book you want to be transported and entertained, but popular books tend to make you work for it, but this surely doesn't.

I also liked how the relationship of father and son has been shown in perspective. Not everything is perfect, and this demonstrates clearly that this is true. It shows how the strained of relationships can bond in such tough conditions. The amount of pages itself is very small, so the plot is very confined in itself, which sometimes can be very dull if there are tons of pages to read.

The things that I didn't like personally is that I don't know if it was just me, but I felt like it took a bit of time before the action got heated up. I always think that when it comes to action, it has to be balanced. There cannot be too much action and there cannot be too much of a build up, it has to be just right. Which in this case it has just been missed, unfortunately.

Overall I must say, I would give this eBook 3.5 stars.

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