Monday, 16 February 2015

Entertaining Angels & Before We Say I Do Tour

So here it is. My first ever book blog tour. It only feels like five minutes since I started this blog, on shear boredom during the summer holidays. Weird right?

In this blog tour, I will be looking at two books which are linked together by the same author. Emerald Barnes.

Before I give you any description of what they are both about, here are my thoughts about what I thought of them:

Well first of all both of them seem to have a very similar structure to their plot line, which is fine because it is based on the same characters. I did enjoy one character in particular compared to all of the others. Zach. Who has a secret out of all of them. He is also I found to be a very friendly person and I wouldn't meeting him any day of the week for a good old chin wag. I liked the romance in it, it did get one thing right when it comes to romances, it is not as underdeveloped as some that I have read and that can be very refreshing - especially just after you have read a really annoyingly dull book.

 On the other hand, I think that some of the themes can be very much an acquired taste. Especially with how there is a lot about religion intertwined in both of the books. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy reading about religions and what they worship and stuff - I want to learn more about it at university! But I think it is for a niche audience.

Overall I would rate both of the books together as 3 stars!! Because I'm in a good mood and I want to be generous - why not?!


Madison Andrews can't face her reflection in the mirror. All she sees is a big, fat nobody. Yet, deep inside she longs for something more, something that's not skin deep.

Along comes Zach, the new guy in school. He's smoking hot and totally out of her league. She somehow catches his eye, and he makes her feel beautiful for once. But just as she gets close to Zach, her nerdy best friend, Chase, won't let Madison doubt her true beauty, no matter how many meals she skips.

Even as Madison begins to realise that she is more than what she thinks, darker forces are at work, darker than the lies and mocking from her peers, stopping her from amount in to her full potential. Can Madison find true happiness in her own skin?


Following the bestselling first book of the series, Entertaining Angels, comes Before We Say I Do, An Entertaining Angels short story.

Chase Sanders and Madison Andrews are about to declare their love for one another in the most sacred of ways. Everything has been going perfectly, especially when an old friend returns to town to stand by Chase's side on their big day. But is Zach there to see their union, or is he concealing the truth of why he is actually back in town?

Chase has lived perfectly fine without his father around, but now that his father is divorcing again, he is seeking forgiveness. Chase can't look at his father, let alone forgive him.

Before Chase and Mads can say "I Do" Chase must first learn to let go of the past before the dark forces that haunt his nightmares come to life.

In order to fully understand it you must read Entertaining Angels first!

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