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The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Date of Publish: January 1st 2015

Suitable for which gender: Unisex

The book consists of two protagonists who are both suffering from two big secrets. There is David Piper; who wants to be a girl and Leo Denton; someone who just wants to be invisible. Somehow both of these two individuals come together and become very good friends in the process.

It is really interesting as there is not much regarding the subject of the transgender community in modern YA fiction, in a way Ms Williamson has got some guts to base story around this topic. Not because it is wrong, but rather misunderstood. It has heartache and pain, as well as joy and happiness, which not only they experience, but you as well. I think that the time that it has come out is perfect, as it is an ever changing world, which has shown to become more aware of people around us and accepting everyone for who they are. We must always think about these issues like, imagine if you felt like you were stuck in the wrong gender?

The Art of Being Normal catapults you into the modern world with issues that you could have never imagined. Ideas that would usually be cast off without a second thought, are brought together to bring you more of an awareness to the world around you. It brings more of an understanding towards the characters from the reader – making us think, what if we were in their shoes? What would we have done the same or differently?

It demonstrates the fact that these things are not through choice that we decide to take action for these types of decisions, and it is really hard to make it because of peer pressure and how people are going to look at you. The book makes you empathise with the characters because it will be such a life changing decision which could make or break you.

This could easily be on my list for the best of 2015 – and we are not into the second month yet! The only real criticism that I can give is that it is too short – I enjoyed it so much that I wish that there was more to read! This is definitely going to be one of those books where I do an annual re-read! For the first time this year, I am giving Lisa Williamson the honour of being the book rated five stars and i am so proud to give this to her specifically. In my heart, this book has already won the best of 2015 and now I cannot wait for the next thing that comes out by Lisa Williamson.

Fun fact: Did you know Lisa Williamson was the actress who played the mother in John Lewis’  Monty the penguin Christmas advert last year?


Next week, i will be reviewing an ebook by Kevin M. Kraft called MOMO, which you are now able to buy off


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