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The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson

Publisher: David Fickling Books
Date of Publish: January 1st 2015
Suitable for which gender: Unisex
The book consists of two protagonists who are both suffering from two big secrets. There is David Piper; who wants to be a girl and Leo Denton; someone who just wants to be invisible. Somehow both of these two individuals come together and become very good friends in the process.
It is really interesting as there is not much regarding the subject of the transgender community in modern YA fiction, in a way Ms Williamson has got some guts to base story around this topic. Not because it is wrong, but rather misunderstood. It has heartache and pain, as well as joy and happiness, which not only they experience, but you as well. I think that the time that it has come out is perfect, as it is an ever changing world, which has shown to become more aware of people around us and accepting everyone for who they are. We must always think about these issues like, imagine if you felt like you were stuck …

Starter for Ten by David Nicholls

Publisher: VillardDate of Publish: January 1st 2003Pages: 352Genre: Comedy, LoveRecommendation for which gender: UnisexOverviewThis book is all about a young adult called Brian Jackson who is a working class member in society, in the year 1985. He comes from Southend, Essex and one of his favourite things is to answer questions on 'The University Challenge' hence why the title of the book is called 'Starter for Ten'. Starter for ten is the first set of questions that one of the teams must answer to answer more questions. Also giving them ten points if their question is indeed correct.
Brian Jackson is an English Literature student and unlike other students from the university, studied hard because he wanted to be there. Not because his parents are rich,which in fact they were not. His father also liked the T.V quiz, but he died before Brian even started attending University. This is also a point where Brian decides that he wants to go onto 'The University Challenge…

When She Smiled by Ritoban Chakrabarti

Publisher: Ritoban Chakrabarti
Year it was Published: 30th November 2014
Pages: 234Format: Ebook/Kindle
The PlotIt shows there to be a teenager called Roy who attends Physics classes, which is where he sees the most beautiful girl he has ever seen for the first time. This is the basis for the story and how he copes with how she is admired bu other boys as well as himself.

Throughout the story, Roy begins to get closer towards the beautiful girl called Akanksha becoming very good friends. But Roy wants more than that and purposely goes out of his way to make it much more than it already is. Eventually something then jepordises their relationship and the relationship that they do have, everything that they have done crumbles. While Roy tries his best to pick up the pieces. My CriticismsWhen reading this piece of fiction, in some places i found it quite difficult to read. Not because of the plot itself. Maybe it is more likely that it is the writing style used. On the contrary I found that …

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton

Publisher:  Walker Books Ltd./ originally Candlewick Press Date/Year that it was Published: October 2nd 2014/ orginally March 13th 2014 Pages: 320 Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Magical Realism Best for Boys/Girls:Girls Format: Paperback/ Hardback My CriticismsThis has to be one of the greatest books that i have read over 2014 - which has now been and gone sadly.It was a truly different and entricate way of writing that i have never seen before in a book. I think now, since i have read this i want to seek out more of this type of style that Ms Walton has. It has literally changed my life - along with making me think about the most important things in life. The plot itself is very different to what i have read in the past, as it literally deals with what has happened in the past for certain characters and how it will affect their future. It identifies three women within the same family and how 'love makes them such fools', as it is mainly about their tragic love liv…