Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Black Friday Bargain!

So with having a free day off on Black friday, you can hardly resist. Black Friday itself has only really become well advertised since last year in the UK. ASDA goes absolutely mad, of course because of the fact it is a part of the Walmart family which comes from America. But really before them Amazon has also been very well known for their discounted prices at the end of November. So what exactly is Black Friday? Well from what i have heard it is meant to be the day after Thanksgiving in America and therefore it shows that it is the run up to the christmas season. So just for what some places may be like here is what happened in a store this year in the UK in Wembley, London:

So what did i get exactly?

For myself i decided that i wanted to go into WHSmith, which obviously the only real reason why i wanted to go in was for books. Never mind about how much it actually costs! So i went in and it was busier than normal. Making it much harder for me to concentrate and choose what i might like. The other problem was, is that i was on a limited time range so there was an increased amount of pressure that goes into everything. I do not know whether you would agree with me but deciding what book you want is kind of like an art. It's a relaxation method as well as being quite picky. I find that it is sort of like picking a pet, you have to get the right one. You don't just go into the store and say, "Well that is what i want" without actually assessing the pros and cons of how it will affect yor life. So getting back to the point the book that i decided to choose was a newly published hardback book "hot of the press" as i like to call it. It was orignally £12.99 but it was knocked down half the price.

So for the moment of truth here is the book:
Yep. As you may see it is by the YouTuber Zoella.
First of all i must be completely honest. I'm not a fan. Then again i'm not a hater. I just haven't seen any of her videos of sorts. I kind of think that it is better that way because if you are a fan you can be disappointed, but also if you were to be a hater you would be jumping for joy if it was to be bad. Therefore as i am in the middle, i have a completely unbiased opinion and moreover if i does turn out to be good or bad, it's either pleasantly surprised or "okay lets move onto the next one".
So what is the other news for the other books that i am currently reading at the moment?
I'm sure that you could have guessed by now that i haven't been reviewing much very lately. Commitments have been very difficult and well, when you see piles of books on the bookshelf it does make me feel a little guilty. But never fret! I am now on my way with Jane Eyre and should be up to be reviewed in the next few weeks, depending on how i am doing. But also i have been making a bit of head way with Angels and Demons at last! So keep up to date with what is going to be reviewed with my upcoming page!
As this is the season for joy and happiness, i am going to be doing a special christmas post just before Christmas. Hopefully it will have a lot of treats and surprises - so make sure that you watch out!
I am now signing off,

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