Tuesday, 23 December 2014

**Merry Christmas!**

Merry Christmas everyone! Not long now until Santa will be coming down the chimney. Did you know that Santa Claus is actually called after many names? Some include: Saint Nicholas; Father Christmas; Kris Kringle or just simply as Santa. Some European children actually receive their presents on the 6th of December - Saint Nicholas Day. He is also derived from the Dutch figure called Sintaklaas, which if you listen carefully sounds very similar to Santa Claus.

As it is Christmas time, i gave decided to create a christmas list for those "tough to beat" classic novels:

Well this is an absolute necessity for most obssessive book lovers. What is not to love? A mean character which eventually develops to be a kind man to those around him. Now that is what i call a brilliant character development. Also if you haven't read the book, i am sure that you have somehow watched the film in one way or another.

This is very similar to A Christmas Carol in the way that the Grinch is kind like the mean character like Scrooge. There is also a film adaptation for tis book as well, but just bear in mind it would be good if you are a hard- core Jim Carrey fan.

Well i must admit i did not really like this interpretation of Christmas, but i thought that it would be a good choice as it is all about the Christmas Spirit. If you feel like trying something a bit different - why not have a try at this?

Christmas Songs:


Next week will be back to normal, with a new book from a brand new series. All i can say that the ending nearly killed me. I hate unresolved endings - it is quite depressing actually.
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