Tuesday, 9 December 2014

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Did you know that 'Girl Online' is the biggest debut seller of all time? With books sold over 78,000 copies in its first week. Even more than JK Rowling, Dan Brown or Stephanie Meyer!

But it doesn't necessarily mean that it was a good book. It was just that the author who seemed to be placed on the cover, is already a star in her own right. But that is not a bad thing.

In some places i could feel that she was trying to get out her own personal experiences of the internet and how cruel it can be. Like for instance with haters and how no one really knows her but decides to make assumptions of her private life.

But i could also feel like a lot of cliche happenings going on. Sometimes i don't know why i bother! Sometimes having this can help with the progression with the plot line, but i do wish that one day some YA author will be original and give it a bit more of a twist - rather than the obvious.

When going on Goodreads and looking at their reviews some say that she may have had a ghost writer do it all for her. It's probably the worst thing to look at. To be honest, i don't care if it has been written by someone else and passed for her, all i care about is the story.

I don't hate this book, but i don't exactly love either. I guess it's one of those where you can only read once in your life, as you don't have anything else to read. The cover itself i have found to be very bare. Somehow i feel that because of the pictures, it feels like there should be something more as it is only up in the corners really. But then i realise that if you did put any more to it, it will be more cluttered than needed.

So from judging from my overall opinion i believe that mainly the customers buying this book are probably more for those who are fans. I guess that is good in a way as they would probably know more about what the story is actually about. It's not like i haven't seen Zoella before because i have, as i watch her YouTube buddies like Jim Chapman and Joey Graceffa. But i just don't know it didn't give me that originality that i was looking for.

I am very disapointed to say this as it is now well into December, and i wanted to be a bit more joyful. But i am going to have to say i am giving the book itself 2.5 stars.


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