Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Angels and Demons

As i am an A-level Religious Studies student, i feel like it would be wrong not to read this book. Not because it is mandatory or even relevant. I also understand that most of the information presented within this book was false and harshly critised. But no matter what, it is all a bit of fiction; a bit of entertainment.

So this is the first book in the Robert Langdon series, which i must admit the character himself is very dear. I don't know why but after completing the whole of the book, i couldn't stop thinking about the plot. It may have been because how some of the twists in the book are pretty much outrageous. Or that most of the information about the Vatican i have never heard about before.

The plot itself is about Robert Langdon has been called up in the middle of the night because of a significant murder. Branded by the Illuminati. Vittoria Vetra and himself discover that the antimatter once created by the victim of the murder is now missing. The only clue to knowing where the bomb is now hidden, is the history of conflict between the Vatican and the Illuminati.

I have been trying to avoid the film for many years now, until i felt it was to be important. Therefore i proposed to myself, that once i have finally read the book i would watch it. What a mistake that was. I felt that the adapted plot was entirely off key. Somehow i feel sorry as it could have been so much better. Please don't think that i disapprove of the actors. I love Tom Hanks and Ewan Mcgregor; i totally respect them. But it just wasn't right.

Well i am on to the Da Vinci Code now and i am already over one hundred pages through it. So i guess that it won't be at all long until there will be another review about Dan Brown's works. But don't worry it won't be all like that. Especially definitely not next week.

I have a special post for you all next week, which i have been working on for quite a long time now. I just hope that i will be able to finish it all on time - hopefully!

My rating (before drawing my attention to something else) for the book would have to be 3.5 stars. This is because i feel that some of the information was a bit too over the top, whereas other areas seemed slow paced. It was only really towards the middle to end that it all finally picked up. At some stages i thought to myself how long 5 hours could actually take. Forever in Dan Brown's case.


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