Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What's not to be perfect?

Happy New Year! Like as I have said last week, we are going into something a bit more depressing. To start off this post I have decided that before I do go into specific details, I thought it would be a good idea to look at New Years resolutions. What is yours? I know for a fact what mine will be. It would have to be about how I always leave work until I have to do it. So this coming year my method for to stop making this habit would be to maybe make the habit of doing it earlier than what I once did. Just remember guys, never make a New Years resolution if you can't keep at it. Otherwise what is the point of actually making one?

Anyway the book I am going to be focusing on this Tuesday, would be a book called The Perfectionists. It is about how five girls devise a plan against this boy called Nolan Hotchkiss and of course there will be a murder, betrayal and a bit of poison.

I have to be completely honest about how i felt about the whole plot, before going onto other relevant parts that i feel is crucial. It was probably the most depressing book i have ever read. This is because every single main character was getting into a lot of trouble. The most annoying part about this is that by the time i reached the end there was no resolution. It kind of suggests that this is going to be a series which takes your money, no matter how depressed you get. Sort of like continuing it only because of the resolution - not because it seems to be torturing you.
You probably know where this is going to be rated on the five star scale. For the first time on this blog, i am going to give a book 0.5 stars. Yes this is very harsh. But please you must realise, it was the worst book ever! I'm probably going to give away this book after a while - i don't think it even deserves a place on my bookshelf!
It feels weird that it is going to be 2015 in a couple of days. I always like New Years Eve, it seems like there is always some sort of party happening somewhere. As some of you may know, i will be doing the Goodreads challenge next year. I was thinking of doing something like 40 books next time. But then i thought, why don't you decide? Just bear in mind i started my challenge this year a little later than everyone else - 6 months late to be precise. This shows that i would probably be able to do double. But ut is all up to you in the end. Tell me in the comments box!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

**Merry Christmas!**

Merry Christmas everyone! Not long now until Santa will be coming down the chimney. Did you know that Santa Claus is actually called after many names? Some include: Saint Nicholas; Father Christmas; Kris Kringle or just simply as Santa. Some European children actually receive their presents on the 6th of December - Saint Nicholas Day. He is also derived from the Dutch figure called Sintaklaas, which if you listen carefully sounds very similar to Santa Claus.

As it is Christmas time, i gave decided to create a christmas list for those "tough to beat" classic novels:

Well this is an absolute necessity for most obssessive book lovers. What is not to love? A mean character which eventually develops to be a kind man to those around him. Now that is what i call a brilliant character development. Also if you haven't read the book, i am sure that you have somehow watched the film in one way or another.

This is very similar to A Christmas Carol in the way that the Grinch is kind like the mean character like Scrooge. There is also a film adaptation for tis book as well, but just bear in mind it would be good if you are a hard- core Jim Carrey fan.

Well i must admit i did not really like this interpretation of Christmas, but i thought that it would be a good choice as it is all about the Christmas Spirit. If you feel like trying something a bit different - why not have a try at this?

Christmas Songs:


Next week will be back to normal, with a new book from a brand new series. All i can say that the ending nearly killed me. I hate unresolved endings - it is quite depressing actually.
Until Next Time

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Angels and Demons

As i am an A-level Religious Studies student, i feel like it would be wrong not to read this book. Not because it is mandatory or even relevant. I also understand that most of the information presented within this book was false and harshly critised. But no matter what, it is all a bit of fiction; a bit of entertainment.

So this is the first book in the Robert Langdon series, which i must admit the character himself is very dear. I don't know why but after completing the whole of the book, i couldn't stop thinking about the plot. It may have been because how some of the twists in the book are pretty much outrageous. Or that most of the information about the Vatican i have never heard about before.

The plot itself is about Robert Langdon has been called up in the middle of the night because of a significant murder. Branded by the Illuminati. Vittoria Vetra and himself discover that the antimatter once created by the victim of the murder is now missing. The only clue to knowing where the bomb is now hidden, is the history of conflict between the Vatican and the Illuminati.

I have been trying to avoid the film for many years now, until i felt it was to be important. Therefore i proposed to myself, that once i have finally read the book i would watch it. What a mistake that was. I felt that the adapted plot was entirely off key. Somehow i feel sorry as it could have been so much better. Please don't think that i disapprove of the actors. I love Tom Hanks and Ewan Mcgregor; i totally respect them. But it just wasn't right.

Well i am on to the Da Vinci Code now and i am already over one hundred pages through it. So i guess that it won't be at all long until there will be another review about Dan Brown's works. But don't worry it won't be all like that. Especially definitely not next week.

I have a special post for you all next week, which i have been working on for quite a long time now. I just hope that i will be able to finish it all on time - hopefully!

My rating (before drawing my attention to something else) for the book would have to be 3.5 stars. This is because i feel that some of the information was a bit too over the top, whereas other areas seemed slow paced. It was only really towards the middle to end that it all finally picked up. At some stages i thought to myself how long 5 hours could actually take. Forever in Dan Brown's case.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Blogs v Vlogs

Did you know that 'Girl Online' is the biggest debut seller of all time? With books sold over 78,000 copies in its first week. Even more than JK Rowling, Dan Brown or Stephanie Meyer!

But it doesn't necessarily mean that it was a good book. It was just that the author who seemed to be placed on the cover, is already a star in her own right. But that is not a bad thing.

In some places i could feel that she was trying to get out her own personal experiences of the internet and how cruel it can be. Like for instance with haters and how no one really knows her but decides to make assumptions of her private life.

But i could also feel like a lot of cliche happenings going on. Sometimes i don't know why i bother! Sometimes having this can help with the progression with the plot line, but i do wish that one day some YA author will be original and give it a bit more of a twist - rather than the obvious.

When going on Goodreads and looking at their reviews some say that she may have had a ghost writer do it all for her. It's probably the worst thing to look at. To be honest, i don't care if it has been written by someone else and passed for her, all i care about is the story.

I don't hate this book, but i don't exactly love either. I guess it's one of those where you can only read once in your life, as you don't have anything else to read. The cover itself i have found to be very bare. Somehow i feel that because of the pictures, it feels like there should be something more as it is only up in the corners really. But then i realise that if you did put any more to it, it will be more cluttered than needed.

So from judging from my overall opinion i believe that mainly the customers buying this book are probably more for those who are fans. I guess that is good in a way as they would probably know more about what the story is actually about. It's not like i haven't seen Zoella before because i have, as i watch her YouTube buddies like Jim Chapman and Joey Graceffa. But i just don't know it didn't give me that originality that i was looking for.

I am very disapointed to say this as it is now well into December, and i wanted to be a bit more joyful. But i am going to have to say i am giving the book itself 2.5 stars.


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Black Friday Bargain!

So with having a free day off on Black friday, you can hardly resist. Black Friday itself has only really become well advertised since last year in the UK. ASDA goes absolutely mad, of course because of the fact it is a part of the Walmart family which comes from America. But really before them Amazon has also been very well known for their discounted prices at the end of November. So what exactly is Black Friday? Well from what i have heard it is meant to be the day after Thanksgiving in America and therefore it shows that it is the run up to the christmas season. So just for what some places may be like here is what happened in a store this year in the UK in Wembley, London:

So what did i get exactly?

For myself i decided that i wanted to go into WHSmith, which obviously the only real reason why i wanted to go in was for books. Never mind about how much it actually costs! So i went in and it was busier than normal. Making it much harder for me to concentrate and choose what i might like. The other problem was, is that i was on a limited time range so there was an increased amount of pressure that goes into everything. I do not know whether you would agree with me but deciding what book you want is kind of like an art. It's a relaxation method as well as being quite picky. I find that it is sort of like picking a pet, you have to get the right one. You don't just go into the store and say, "Well that is what i want" without actually assessing the pros and cons of how it will affect yor life. So getting back to the point the book that i decided to choose was a newly published hardback book "hot of the press" as i like to call it. It was orignally £12.99 but it was knocked down half the price.

So for the moment of truth here is the book:
Yep. As you may see it is by the YouTuber Zoella.
First of all i must be completely honest. I'm not a fan. Then again i'm not a hater. I just haven't seen any of her videos of sorts. I kind of think that it is better that way because if you are a fan you can be disappointed, but also if you were to be a hater you would be jumping for joy if it was to be bad. Therefore as i am in the middle, i have a completely unbiased opinion and moreover if i does turn out to be good or bad, it's either pleasantly surprised or "okay lets move onto the next one".
So what is the other news for the other books that i am currently reading at the moment?
I'm sure that you could have guessed by now that i haven't been reviewing much very lately. Commitments have been very difficult and well, when you see piles of books on the bookshelf it does make me feel a little guilty. But never fret! I am now on my way with Jane Eyre and should be up to be reviewed in the next few weeks, depending on how i am doing. But also i have been making a bit of head way with Angels and Demons at last! So keep up to date with what is going to be reviewed with my upcoming page!
As this is the season for joy and happiness, i am going to be doing a special christmas post just before Christmas. Hopefully it will have a lot of treats and surprises - so make sure that you watch out!
I am now signing off,