Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Mockingjay Part 1

Sorry about how late this post has been. I know it only has only really been a few hours late (well maybe actually a little than that). But if i was to be truly honest i'm a bit tired and afterall i'm only human. Looking at the about page, i am just thinking that should i actually leave the posting time as 7am in the morning? Well if it gets any worse i will just have to do it anytime during Tuesday. Seriously, you should see how much work i actually have - tons! I know, no excuse. But just to make me feel better i am going to record this post as it had been if it was done at 7. So if you are looking at this in the future, you now know the truth! I don't know, i just think that i would be able to get away with anything... i'm the worst lier going.

I have had a good time at the weekend. It had to be Mockingjay Part 1, of course at the cinema. The film was good, i haven't read the books in a while so when certain parts came up, in my head i was saying to myself oh! I remember all of that! when certain events seemed to happen. But i must admit that in parts i found it very unsettling and i wanted (but thank goodness didn't!) cry. It just shows that you have more empathy with the characters when you have read the books and eventually seen them on screen.
 My favourite character hasn't changed when watching the third installment of the film franchise. I understand that there is some rivalry between who Katniss should choose and i have always prefered Peeta myself. I think that it is mainly because of that he has a more emotional side. For instance what happens to him in Mockingjay kind of nearly kills me, because i know that he is one of those characters who doesn't even want to hurt a fly.

It is sad that i didn't review the trilogy on here. It would be cool to make a more effcient comparison of what i thought of the two mediums and which one portrays it better. So for some reason i am kind of not as much looking forward to the final film compared to last year with this one. Probably because of that it will be it and there would be nothing more to continue with. Of course otherwise if Susanne Collins decides to write another book. You are probably thinking that well that is not going to happen but actually i have seen similar things before. Another reason why is as i probably would definitely cry when the finale comes out. Then i have no idea what i would look forward towards in the cinema - no clue!

There is already talk about how well they are doing. Not doing as good as last time through the critics not liking it as much as Catching Fire and the box office opening weekend has not been as good as last year. Lets hope that they get back on track and the finale will be the whopper out of the lot. My judgement is that because there is no games in this film, it is mainly focused around the beginning of the rebellion. But if you think about it if you separate it into two different films i guess this will be the preparation for the final blow to make there mark which will happen in the next coming year.

May the odds be ever in your favour!


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