Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Literally a Fangirl

I'm so excited to talk you about this piece of fiction. Literally it is just a masterpiece!

Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Year Of Publish: 2013 (US), 2014 (UK)
Publisher: St Martin's Press (US), Pan Macmillian (UK)

I have found that throughout the whole of this book, the main character Cath has a lot of characteristics that i can relate to. She's antisocial, a fangirl(a bit obvious), scared of the real world and prefers the imaginary world of literature compared to reality. The whole time i couldn't stop reading wanting to find out more(which is kind of bad when i have tons of essays to finish).

What is all about?

Well, the basis of the story is that Cath is going to university, but she prefers to write fanfics of Simon Snow and Baz. They are kind of an imaginary fandom, which i heard from somewhere that Rainbow Rowell is eventually going to write books about them. So that will be quite interesting. But many have said that Simon Snow is very much like the alternate version of Harry Potter, which probably the reason why it wasn't Harry is because of Copyright or something. Getting back to the synopsis, she prefers to write fanfics than going out to discover more about the university and of course does not want to socialise with anyone. It's probably because her twin Wren doesn't want to share with her anymore and decides to things she wants. So it kind of wrecks her plans when two people Levi and Reagan decide to make friends with her

What my thoughts are!
I loved this book! And to put you all out of your misery, i'm going to rate it the first 5 stars in a very, very long time. It was gripping, powerful and something i might do if i ever get the chance to go to university. Obviously it wouldn't be exactly the same to how it would be, as English universitites are very different to American ones- but who cares! It kind of gives confidence to those who aren't as confident and independent, it is like telling you well, you can do things and even though it takes a bit of work, we will all get there in the end. I admire Cath. Not because of the fact that she writes infamous fanfics, but because of her dedication to her belief of her hobby. If only i don't doubt myself, i could be on top of the world!

This is going to be fairly short this week. But i'm planning a very big post over the coming weeks letting you know about some stuff. So keep your eyes peeled- it may be very exciting!

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