Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Well i hope everyone has been alright this past week. I can't believe how quick Bonfire Night and Halloween have already been and gone. I think i'm getting so old. So now that there is Rememberance Day today, soon it will be the run up to Christmas. At the moment the only true thing i'm thinking about is how much money i have to spend, as the prices tremendously rise at this time of the year. But don't forget about Rememberance Day, i understand that it is easily done that we all like to think about Christmas after Bonfire Night. Athough we must not forget those who have fallen to give us the liberty to speak freely, as i am doing now. So enough of that, i don't want to and i'm sure you don't want a lecture on how you should run your life- i'd rather get on to doing some reviews now.

So here is the BBOOookkkk
 To be honest, it was a bit of a let down. Whether it was meant to be the fact that i haven't read the last book in over a year, or it simply wasn't as good as it was said to be. The concept was poor, there wasn't anything that i could easily talk about on a daily basis. I don't even think that i could go through what actually happened. I think i may have been asleep through some of it. I think that i'm slowly drifting off to sleep as i'm explaining this to you now.
I have to be critical but this is going to be a 2 stars. I am definitely not going to buy the next in the series. Seriously, if you were in a duel with someone and is giving them strength when your with your lover, you don't go near them at all costs. But every five minutes thise two couldn't be away from each other. Grow up! It's just so childish! I don't even know how other people have rated this much higher- how? To be honest i don't think i want to waste any more words on this boring and dull novel. If you do want to read this book, good luck to you. If you want to read the next book, i admire you. If you want to read the final book, it's your fault and i definitely didn't curse you.
Hopefully i will have something a bit more exciting next week.
P.s. I could have spent this money on the book for something with a bit more relevance. But hey i'm not perfect, and i'm sure most of us aren't. Sorry for the rant but it is your fault, you clicked on the site!

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