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I have decided this time around, that I'm going to be doing the TBR a bit earlier. If you have already recognised, I didn't do one last time. I'm not going to lie I simply forgot. Not at all good. But now looking back, there was no point for one. There simply wasn't enough. I have been collecting books though. Some you might like, some you might not. But you never know if you find that beautiful hidden gem! Who knows that from this post, you might of found your favourite book of all time?

The few books that I have got lined up for you are: The Iron Trial; Fangirl; Ballet Shoes and The Blood Of Olympus (which i still haven't began reading yet!). So i'm very excited. I have already started Fangirl which seems to be very good. It also seems to be that Cath, the main character has a personality which i can relate to- especially at this moment in time. But i don't want to spoil the plot so far. I've got to be careful if i am to save this for a review later on in the future.

I'm looking forward to the end of The Blood of Olympus. I have been trying really hard not to look at spoilers on the internet. It's quite sad actually, especially when i received it in the post the day it was published. I guess i don't want to rush it. Maybe it is the fact of which i don't want the Percy Jackson world to end, which i already understand Riordan has already brought out the concept of there being 'Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods' as well as the next book which hasn't yet been published 'Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes'. But it won't be the same. I heard that it is not really about Percy but he is more like the narrator, which seems quite depressing to me. Although it may actually be very good. So if you have read it make sure you tell me in the comments, so then if it is fantastic i would actually consider buying it. But i would also need to know on whether the American or the UK version is much better than the other. Tell me, i will be listening!

Ballet Shoes is one that i had received from my Grandparents, as my Nan absolutely loves the book and everytime i talk about books she brings up the subject. So when she found it on the carboot she thought that i would like to read it. I find that fine, as there is never enough books to fill up in my spare time. The more the better. On the other hand, The Iron Trial is something i found in ASDA. For a few times going in there, i always seem to look at the book section and twice it has caught my eye. To be honest i have read a little bit of it and seems to be for the younger audience- meaning children. I don't mind about that as well, Percy is a childrens book but that hasn't stopped me. So we'll have to wait and see on whether it has been a good buy. Even if it doesn't it has a nice place on my bookshelf as it is a beautiful illustrated book cover.

I haven't got any further with the Dan Brown books, although i have began on 'Angels and Demons' which seems quite good so far. But i won't tell you anymore until nearer the time.

Happy Halloween!

P.s. Sorry there wasn't any ghoulish titles! 


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