Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Irish Life

During most of my time from the past couple of weeks, i have planted myself into an A-level English text of my choice. So what is it? Drum roll please...Dubliners by James Joyce. So i made this stupid error when i first chose the book(please bear in mind i have awful pronunciation) by calling it Dub-liners, but then i had to think about it for a while. Which it was then that i realised that because it is about middle class Irish people i thought then the proper pronunication is Dub-lynners, because of Dublin. In fact now that i look back i sound so idiotic. Ooops!

So getting past the misdirection, the main idea of this text looks at 15 different stories, for different people in the 20th century and how they coped in middle class life in Ireland. It's a very difficult book to read, as there is no speech marks and relies much more upon the use of hythons at the beginning of the sentence,when someone is talking. In fact because it is quite hard to understand, I actually changed the text I wanted to do, at the last minute. This was changed to the famous play 'Death of a Salesman' by Arthur Miller, which I'm enjoying it so much more.(I will talk about this play at a later time for you guys!)

Publisher: Originally Grant Richards Ltd. but mine was Penguin English Library
Year Of Publish: Originally 1914, but my version was 2012

This version of Dubliners is not the cover i had. But it is a good idea of what you might decide to look at. Usually modern classics are republished under the name of Penguin's Modern Classics, which if in the UK you can go into a highstreet bookshop to find these in the classic section!

I have decided that i do not want to read this book again. Not because it's Irish. No way! Not even if it is good classic if you want to read it.  But the truth is that for the amount of pages there were, which wasn't many, it made me demotivated through the writing style used. Which is never like me to read a small book within a month! So that is the end of that. Poof!

My overall rating for this book is going to be probably about, 3 Stars for the whole she-bang. I hope this information would be put to good use. Not far from this day, i will be talking about the play, Death of a Salesman which is very good. I'm looking forward to talking to you about this, very excited if i was to be completely truthful!

It's that time again. I hope you are all well. Looking forward to giving my next review in the following week!

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