Friday, 8 January 2016

Miranda's Rights by Lily Luchesi

Hello! Today is the day as to which Lily Luchesi's second book is coming out, in the Paranormal Detectives series, called Miranda's Rights. I have already touched a bit upon this new book, from my last blog post, showing you the cover reveal for this upcoming novel.

What a way to start with a bang at the start of the sequel, to the very well received, Stake Out. Actually, when reading this, I was impressed. Very impressed. Somehow, Lily Luchesi always seems to amaze me every time.

If you have never read any of Lily's books before, or even if you are personally not an avid reader yourself, I would suggest that you begin with this series. As it is accessible to all ages, and the types of characters within it, are very familiar and easy to understand.
As a person who loves to read a lot. And I mean quite a lot. Maybe too much, that I should really be focussing more on other things. I liked this book more than the previous. Not only were we able to see character development between both Angie and Danny, but also now there is a new woman on the scene. Danny's ex-fiancé. And guess what? To really shake things up, she is also a vampire! But not in the same way as Angie, who is only a half-vampire.

The thing that makes me laugh is that Danny is at the centre of two different women's affections, but he doesn't particularly agree with the type of creature that they both are. The living dead. It makes everything interesting, and well addictive to see as to what will happen next.
Overall, I found this book to be enchanting, as well as such a delight. Because it is not only a story which is one of a kind, but is understandable to all as the mythical creatures that are in the book are not too confusing, as old rules have been applied. Which in some ways is more refreshing compared to if an author tries to get creative and mix up the rules, which would make it more complex. That in return, we are not really getting into the heart of the story!