Monday, 26 September 2016

New life, new books!

Hello my faithful and loyal readers. As you may or may not know, I have not been writing as often as I once did.

Times change, so do I.

However, it does not mean that you will lose me forever. Life has just got a funny way of changing direction in the weirdest of ways.

My life altered on the 18th August this year. I finally was able to do the thing that I was told I would never do when I was a child by some people. In a way, it felt like in a few moments I had made the impossible, possible.

Dreams can come a reality if you truly are determined and want it.

So now, I'm in a very unfamiliar room, with unfamiliar smells, longing for home in some way.

Yes, by now I would have thought that you have guessed what I am trying to say.

I got into university.

Now it's time to do the real work.

So if I haven't talked to you in a long time - never fear, you are certainly missed and thought about. I love this blog. It has got me through a lot of rough patches throughout it's short two year life.

If you think that I'm quitting, I'm certainly not. If I can and the time is right I will try and give you one of the best posts you've seen in a long time.

But for the time being, adios friend and see you very soon.

If you want to find out how I'm getting on, I will soon have a blog running about my day to day business of what uni life is truly like - in the eyes of a non-party goer! 

Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Crown by Kiera Cass

It is sad you know? Seeing this all coming to an end. However, if you think about it, it won't be a complete end until i read the 'Happily Ever After' book, which has some small novellas that focus on the series. Although, i do feel that i don't really want to read it just yet as it means that it would have officially ended then for me, after all of these years.

If you had been with me from the very start, my first post was actually a review of the first three books of the series. Everything seems to have changed drastically since then.

If i am being totally honest, when first laying my eyes of the final cover of the selection series, may have been a little bit judgemental. Not only because of the fact that i felt, not only is it very predictable, but it would have been nice to have colours that symbolise both femminity as well as leadership. Which when looking at this at first, it makes me think of 'primary' colours that everyone uses for girls, when they don't know what colours of presents they want to give to a certain person.
However, upon the second glance of it being on my bookshelf with all of the other books from the series, i believe that i may have been a little hasty in my judgement. It actually looks quite nice when you put all the books together, it can be seen to be a very effective colour, even sticking with a certain colour scheme.
To be perfectly honest, i am not overly fond of Evelyn, she's ok, but not a protagonist which i sympathise with. She feels more like a spoilt brat who can't seem to get her own way. I just kind of feel sorry for the person she ended up with in the end, because they seemed more decent than she would ever be. At least we got to see America and Maxon for the final time. Just so sad that we will never read about the perfect couple ever again.
But hey, gives me more of an excuse to once again find the perfect romance novel!


Saturday, 28 May 2016

Conditional Love by Cathy Bramley

So hi. Sorry for such a huge period of time where i was absent. There are several reasons as to why that is, personal as well as other big points. Anyway, i'm back and hopefully that means that i will be back for a while, before i may be noticeably absent once again.

Today i have a nice book to come back to this blog. It is called 'Conditional Love' and written by an author from Nottinghamshire called Cathy Bramley.

As you can see the awful picture that i took of this book doesn't really show the homely beauty of the book cover in person. The illustration really identifies what the story is all about - a woman with the aim of getting her dream home. It really shows this with the fact that there is a light on downstairs in the house, a warm hearth.

So because of the fact that somehow i have "connections" with this author, she was very kind in sending various amount of goodies back last year. This included this book, as a signed copy, as well as other books i sent to her to sign and some amazing-looking biscuits (which i may have had a slight nibble on! they look far too good to actually eat completely. However, it does break my heart when it no longer looks like the beautiful biscuits that i did begin with!)

Here you are. I know that you are probably dying to know what the biscuits looked like before i malformed them with my teeth!

Anyway, i think that it is time for me to actually have a go at reviewing the book, rather than continuing to give praise to anything other than the actual story. So here i go!

There is something about Cathy Bramley's books, i have noticed as time has gone by that i have never really had a favourite, but rather her story-telling seems to get better and better. This is defintiely the case with 'Conditional Love'.

I loved the characters, the world that they were in, but also i was very able to sympathise for the main character with ease. This can be seen for me to be a difficult thing in the past with other books. Somehow, when it comes to authors writing the protagonist in a book, they either make them too headstrong or wimpy - which can be extremely annoying. Luckily i found that Sophie (the main character) was very balanced and very interesting as a person.

The context of building a dream house for Sophie was a creative idea as well. At first, i was a little bit hesistant, but the language and twists and turns in the plotline, made it engaging, rather than fairly dull paragraphs full of words.

Anyway, i will be looking forward to reading her new serial book, 'The Plumberry School of Comfort Food'. But it clearly shows that from her better story-telling each book that goes along, Cathy Bramley is definitely going to be a author to watch.



Saturday, 26 March 2016

P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

Hi again. This time it's all about Jenny Han. So lets just cut to the chase then!

This time it's P.S I Still Love You, this book has clearly been stated that it is one half of a two-part serial. This is because it is meant to be 'two-halves of a heart' which if left to me, is actually a pretty good concept - rather than dragging something out for the sake of it.

'Lara Jean didn’t expect to really fall for Peter.
She and Peter were just pretending. Except suddenly they weren’t. Now Lara Jean is more confused than ever.
When another boy from her past returns to her life, Lara Jean’s feelings for him return too. Can a girl be in love with two boys at once?' - Extract from Goodreads

So when it comes to romance and stuff like that, we always know that at some point there are going to be some very much cringe-worthy moments, but also some really treasurable moments as well. This definitely speaks for itself when it is in the young adult genre - not that i hate it at all, i find the genre quite interesting and diverse. Anyway, there was a load of times when i wanted to hurl the book straight towards the wall. Which is saying a lot for me - especially when i am one of those people who pretty much has some sort of OCD with keeping my books in 'shop-condition'. I think this is more to do with the fact that i believe it might be worth more, but i know that in reality it probably is just going to be worth hardly anything once you crack the first page on the spine.

Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, there was some moments in this book which i really felt like it was heading somewhere great. Of course that is until something much bigger happens which changed the whole perception of the character. For instance, the thing that really frustrated me is that there was an event that happened in the previous book, that the main character, Lara Jean, could not stop talking about to the point that you just wanted to give up reading entirely. It just felt like, just get on with your life than worrying about some petty people. It kind of sent vibes which was like she was a bit immature about the situation. Just get over yourself.

I think that i might go now. But before i do i will give my rating which i have done for so long.

Overall Rating: ***

Saturday, 20 February 2016

An Astronaut's Guide To Life On Earth: Life Lessons From Space by Chris Hadfield

I usually hate non-fiction so very much. I tend to find it utterly boring as well as depressing. But with this book it is completely different. It stands on it's own two feet by being irregular and unique in my eyes. It's inspirational. He's a role model to anyone who has met him, read him or seen him on YouTube singing 'Space Oddity'.

Here is the YouTube that he recorded on the ISS of Space Oddity if you haven't already seen it. But seriously who hasn't? Anyway if you have seen it, why not see it again? It is really good.

Anyway, the book itself, is a very good example with motivating people to aspire to what they really want to do. Rather than just simply dreaming of their dream, he is saying to put those words into actions and finally into reality. But not only that, if you don't exactly get to the place as to which you really want to strive to be, that's ok. It doesn't mean that you are a failure. No one is a true failure, unless you don't even go out there and try to succeed for yourself. It is more about the journey more than anything, which really spoke loud to me, after the last unfortunate year that i did have. He is saying that even if you did fail at something, the best thing to do is accept it and get back on your two feet to try again.

Not only does he speak such inspirational words, but also he narrates his 21 year old career as an astronaut. It is deeply fascinating to go behind the scenes of what is one of the most difficult and sort after careers in the whole world, and probably the most rewarding too.

If you want to be inspired and motivated to any career of your choice, or even if you are making new experiences, this is the book for you. If you want to read about the science behind space, this book is for you. But truly, if you love the fact that there is so much more out there compared to just this world, this book is for you.

Overall Rating: ****

Friday, 8 January 2016

Miranda's Rights by Lily Luchesi

Hello! Today is the day as to which Lily Luchesi's second book is coming out, in the Paranormal Detectives series, called Miranda's Rights. I have already touched a bit upon this new book, from my last blog post, showing you the cover reveal for this upcoming novel.

What a way to start with a bang at the start of the sequel, to the very well received, Stake Out. Actually, when reading this, I was impressed. Very impressed. Somehow, Lily Luchesi always seems to amaze me every time.

If you have never read any of Lily's books before, or even if you are personally not an avid reader yourself, I would suggest that you begin with this series. As it is accessible to all ages, and the types of characters within it, are very familiar and easy to understand.
As a person who loves to read a lot. And I mean quite a lot. Maybe too much, that I should really be focussing more on other things. I liked this book more than the previous. Not only were we able to see character development between both Angie and Danny, but also now there is a new woman on the scene. Danny's ex-fiancé. And guess what? To really shake things up, she is also a vampire! But not in the same way as Angie, who is only a half-vampire.

The thing that makes me laugh is that Danny is at the centre of two different women's affections, but he doesn't particularly agree with the type of creature that they both are. The living dead. It makes everything interesting, and well addictive to see as to what will happen next.
Overall, I found this book to be enchanting, as well as such a delight. Because it is not only a story which is one of a kind, but is understandable to all as the mythical creatures that are in the book are not too confusing, as old rules have been applied. Which in some ways is more refreshing compared to if an author tries to get creative and mix up the rules, which would make it more complex. That in return, we are not really getting into the heart of the story!