Tuesday, 10 February 2015

What is happening...

Hi guys,

You are probably wondering why I haven't made a usual post this week. This is because I am getting ready for next week - which is going to be big. Why you may ask?

Well first of all there is going to be a blog tour on Monday. Consisting of Emerald Barnes' books called: Entertaining Angels and Before we Say I Do. This is very much about religion and it is something different to what I normally review, it will also be my first blog tour.

On the contrary, on the Friday in the next coming week there will be my first ever interview. It will be with Laura Vanderkam, which I am asking questions about her novel called The Cortlandt Boys. Laura is very well known for writing nonfiction, so it will be very interesting to show the interview that I had with her.

The week after that everything will be back to normal. I also have a pretty long list of reviews to get through after that. It is just that I thought that this week would be better to tell you about the upcoming events in the next week.

This next coming week has been planned for a long time. If I do like it, I might try out more of these events. You never know, I may do more of these events than reviews! But I won't come to conclusions - it may not happen!

Until next week!

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