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Hey guys. I bet you are probably wondering what is happening, especially as there was such a big week last time. Well to start I am becoming more busy than ever. I have a huge amount of revision that needs to be going on.

This is why I have now decided that from next week, the new post day will happen on a Saturday. I am only doing it so it is more convenient for myself and maybe I will be able to provide much more content.

Obviously the only reason why I may not strictly keep to this day for posting though, is if there is a specific blog tour or an interview which I feel is too important to miss.

So for the time being I wish you a nice week, and I will be seeing all of you on the new posting day next Saturday. Where we will start with the posts with a bang. Including a review for a Dan Brown book and more content to see!

So if you don't hear from me in a while, it doesn't mean that I'm dead... I just means that I am renovating the experience for you on my blog!



Interview - Laura Vanderkam (The Cortlandt Boys)

I have had privilege to be able to ask questions to Laura Vanderkam, concerning her eBook, The Cortlandt Boys. Laura Vanderkam is more well-known as a nonfictional author of many books and her works have been included in many publications, on a national scale.

This was my interview with Laura - I hope you enjoy!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

LV: In addition to my novel, I’m the author of several non-fiction books on time management including 168 Hours and What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. I freelance for various publications including Fast Company and USA Today, and live outside Philadelphia with my husband and our four kids.

2. What is The Cortlandt Boys all about?

LV: The Cortlandt Boys is about a small town high school basketball team that wins the state championship with a last second 3-point shot. The story revisits the characters ten and twenty years later as the ramifications of that lucky break affect the boys and all the people around them, forever …

Entertaining Angels & Before We Say I Do Tour

So here it is. My first ever book blog tour. It only feels like five minutes since I started this blog, on shear boredom during the summer holidays. Weird right?

In this blog tour, I will be looking at two books which are linked together by the same author. Emerald Barnes.

Before I give you any description of what they are both about, here are my thoughts about what I thought of them:

Well first of all both of them seem to have a very similar structure to their plot line, which is fine because it is based on the same characters. I did enjoy one character in particular compared to all of the others. Zach. Who has a secret out of all of them. He is also I found to be a very friendly person and I wouldn't meeting him any day of the week for a good old chin wag. I liked the romance in it, it did get one thing right when it comes to romances, it is not as underdeveloped as some that I have read and that can be very refreshing - especially just after you have read a really annoyingly d…

What is happening...

Hi guys,

You are probably wondering why I haven't made a usual post this week. This is because I am getting ready for next week - which is going to be big. Why you may ask?

Well first of all there is going to be a blog tour on Monday. Consisting of Emerald Barnes' books called: Entertaining Angels and Before we Say I Do. This is very much about religion and it is something different to what I normally review, it will also be my first blog tour.

On the contrary, on the Friday in the next coming week there will be my first ever interview. It will be with Laura Vanderkam, which I am asking questions about her novel called The Cortlandt Boys. Laura is very well known for writing nonfiction, so it will be very interesting to show the interview that I had with her.

The week after that everything will be back to normal. I also have a pretty long list of reviews to get through after that. It is just that I thought that this week would be better to tell you about the upcoming events in the…

MOMO by Kevin M. Kraft

What to say? MOMO is truly a piece of literature which you can define by it's first page. It is easy to read and I can even go as far to say that I would probably suggest this to a non reader audience. Not nessarsarily because of the themes or anything like that. But more about the writing style. Sometimes I find with literature it is quite difficult to understand what is meant to be going on, with things such as description and their technical lexical semantic fields. But with MOMO, I literally enjoyed the part that the language is simplified compared to other things that I have read.

 It is kind of a refreshing change to be honest. If you do fancy trying something different, try out this, it is a complete difference to the usual things people read nowadays, and to be honest I think we need something more like this. Sometimes when you read a book you want to be transported and entertained, but popular books tend to make you work for it, but this surely doesn't.

I also liked h…