Tuesday, 18 November 2014


First of all i'm going to be honest. I simply have done fairly little reading over the past week. But i have something else that might get me back into your good books. This week i have decided to try out something new. Because we all know, i'm pretty boring and clicking onto this page each week with either a review or a TBR can be a drag. So i have decided to come up with looking at books which are being turned into movie adaptations.

Of course we have to start with the film which is coming out on the 20th, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1:

I like the idea of how they have used the mockingjay pin in the theatrical posters behind some of the characters. It symbolises quite a lot where the rebellion is finally taking flight and is the beginning of the end. I have always liked the concept of how they have made the pin burn, it also makes me think back to when Katniss and Peeta both had those costumes on fire in the chariots, as well as symbolising their disttrict.

Having two movies for the final installment always gets me mad. It's not like Harry Potter, or even Breaking Dawn i didn't think the Hunger Games could even compete with the amount there is in the plot. Has anyone actually seen how many pages there are? There is hardly any compared to the other franchises- talk about making more to get your money!

Inferno which is coming out in 2015:

Obviously you should already know that i currently own a copy of this book, but i haven't exactly read it at this moment in time. I'm sure by the time that it rolls on round i should have read it. But my only question is, if they have already done Angels and Demons and the Da Vinci code to this date, how come they haven't done the Lost Symbol as it was published before this?

Well i can't believe that i'm actually going to write this in, but because of it's popularity i think it deserves a place on this post (even if i haven't read it!). Here it goes, Fifty Shades of Grey:

I don't think i want to see this. Not because of the fact of the genre but because of what i have heard about the book itself and how it has been called "bad prose". I also heard from somewhere that originally it was a fanfiction for Twilight. To be honest i try to read as little fanfics as possible, otherwise i guess my mind thinks different to how it was meant to be. It doesn't mean that i hate fanfiction because i don't, i know quite a few people who do it and are quite good at it. It is just the fact that my mind can be quite malleable sometimes when it comes to plotlines, then i can't think of how it originally was. Making it extremely difficult if i am reading the same book over again, it just makes it a bit harder, and well imagining the world is completely different. I must say though, getting from Twilight from Fifty Shades of Grey are such different genres, if i wasn't told i don't think i would be able to put two and two together!
I think that i'm going to leave it there for now. I'll probably do this again another time. Maybe in the next coming months? Well i guess i am going to have to have a look out for what will be coming out next!
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