Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Another month ended and school is slowly creeping back on us. Well, so much for the holidays! I have to admit that when it comes to this time in the year i get so depressed. Not only the fact of school dawning once again, but the fact there will be no more lie ins! Tough luck! But it is also because i won't have as much time to talk to you guys (mental cry). Meaning being able to keep up to daily reading... Wah wah!

So what have I just received in my box of goodies for this month?... Well, it has to be the entire series of Dan Brown's Robert Langdon, as well as other novels written by him. Including Deception Point and Digital Fortress. Yay!
Pages and pages of new books to read!!

I must admit that I may have already started Deception Point before letting you guys know what is happening. Total betrayal I know... Yeah, so in effect it is only 5 out of the six books received are actually TBR. But never mind. Seriously, who could pass on an incredible bestseller- have you seen those movies?

But that should be much better for you, as you will be able to get the final review for the first book much quicker. Although it all depends on whether I feel like doing it as one whole post or one for each book. Really I must say, just looking at the pile now, there is not many but sure is huge! So don't be surprised if there is one for each of them  (my memory is absolutely terrible!). It was quite different for the Demonata series as they are pretty short and I know the writing style far too well.

Some next things which will be posted will be about is Amanda Hocking, with her Switched series. I will also be talking about my initial thoughts about her new Kanin Chronicles (I think that is the main title of the series- don't quote me on that!).

Until next time my avid readers- adiĆ³s!


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